Europe Startup Ecosystem


Europe's startup ecosystem is one of the largest and most diverse in the world, with major hubs in London, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. As of 2023, Europe is home to over 150,000 startups. Governments across the continent support entrepreneurship through various initiatives that provide funding, resources, and mentorship for startups. In 2022, European startups collectively raised approximately €100 billion in venture capital.

Size of the Market

The European startup ecosystem is expansive, with over 150,000 startups as of 2023. In 2022, these startups raised approximately €100 billion in venture capital, reflecting robust investor interest. This substantial funding pool supports startups at various stages, from early seed rounds to late-stage investments, facilitating growth and innovation across diverse sectors.

Key Strengths

Europe's strengths include a highly educated workforce, a strong tradition of innovation, and a strategic location with access to a large and diverse market. Major cities like London, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam have vibrant tech scenes, attracting significant investments and producing notable startups like Revolut, N26, and Adyen. The presence of world-class universities and research institutions fosters a collaborative environment for startups.

Major Hubs

London, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam are Europe's primary startup hubs. These cities are known for their dynamic tech ecosystems and have produced significant startups, such as Revolut in London, N26 in Berlin, and Adyen in Amsterdam. These hubs benefit from robust infrastructure, access to capital, and a high concentration of skilled talent.

Emerging Hubs

Emerging hubs in Europe include cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, and Stockholm. These cities are gaining traction due to their favorable business climates, increasing investment activity, and vibrant entrepreneurial communities. They offer growing opportunities for startups and investors looking to explore new markets.

Support Systems

The European startup ecosystem benefits from a strong network of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces. Initiatives like the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Horizon Europe provide mentorship, resources, and international exposure. These support systems are crucial for nurturing early-stage startups and helping them scale effectively.


Challenges in the European startup ecosystem include regulatory complexities, economic disparities between regions, and limited access to late-stage funding in some areas. Navigating the diverse regulatory environments across different countries can be daunting for startups looking to scale internationally. Addressing these challenges is crucial for fostering a more cohesive and supportive ecosystem.

Opportunities and Future Outlook

Despite challenges, Europe is making significant strides in innovation and entrepreneurship. Continuous investment and technological advancement drive substantial growth opportunities. Europe's strategic location and extensive trade relationships provide startups with opportunities for international expansion, positioning the continent as a key player in the global innovation landscape.

Resilience and Adaptability

Europe's startup ecosystem has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. The strong emphasis on sustainability and green technology drives innovation in sectors such as renewable energy and environmental technologies. As Europe continues to invest in its startup ecosystem, it is poised for further growth and development, contributing significantly to the global innovation landscape.

How to connect with Angel Investors in Europe?


Europe boasts a vibrant investment landscape, featuring top angel investors and leading venture capital firms that drive the growth of the continent's dynamic startup ecosystem. These investors are crucial in providing early-stage and growth capital, supporting innovative startups across various sectors. The European investment market has shown resilience and adaptability, contributing significantly to the global startup scene.

Top Angel Investors

Europe is home to several prominent angel investors who play a pivotal role in nurturing early-stage startups. Notable angel investors include Klaus Hommels, who has invested in companies like Spotify and Revolut, and Esther Dyson, known for her investments in healthtech and biotech startups. These investors provide not only capital but also valuable mentorship and industry connections.

Leading Venture Capital Firms

Leading venture capital firms in Europe include Sequoia Capital, Accel, and Index Ventures. Sequoia Capital has a strong presence in Europe, investing in startups like Klarna and Graphcore. Accel is known for its investments in Deliveroo and UiPath, while Index Ventures has backed companies like Adyen and TransferWise. These firms are instrumental in scaling startups to global success.

Investment Size and Scope

The investment size and scope in Europe vary across different stages of startup growth. Early-stage investments typically range from €100,000 to €2 million, while later-stage rounds can exceed €50 million. In 2022, European startups collectively raised approximately €100 billion in venture capital, highlighting the significant capital flow into the ecosystem.

Number of Investments

The number of investments in Europe has been steadily increasing. In 2022, there were over 4,000 venture capital deals across the continent. The increasing number of investments reflects the growing confidence of investors in the European startup ecosystem, with a focus on sectors like fintech, healthtech, and deep tech.

Future Outlook of the Investment Market

The future outlook for the European investment market is promising. With continuous technological advancements and increasing support from both public and private sectors, the market is poised for sustained growth. Emerging sectors such as artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and biotech are expected to attract substantial investments in the coming years.

Support and Mentorship

Support and mentorship are critical components of the European startup ecosystem. Leading venture capital firms and angel investors offer extensive mentorship programs, helping startups navigate challenges and scale effectively. Initiatives like the European Innovation Council and various accelerator programs provide additional support, fostering innovation and growth.

Regional Hubs

Major investment hubs in Europe include London, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. London is renowned for its fintech ecosystem, Berlin for its vibrant tech scene, Paris for its diverse startup landscape, and Amsterdam for its strong focus on sustainability and innovation. These cities attract significant venture capital and are home to numerous successful startups.


Despite the robust investment environment, challenges persist. Regulatory complexities, economic disparities between regions, and limited access to late-stage funding are notable hurdles. Addressing these challenges is essential for creating a more cohesive and supportive investment ecosystem in Europe.

Opportunities and Future Outlook

Europe presents numerous opportunities for investors, particularly in emerging sectors like AI, biotech, and green technology. The region's strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation positions it well for future growth. As Europe continues to attract global investors, its startup ecosystem is set to thrive, contributing significantly to the global market.

Angel Investment trends in Europe

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We found 519 VC firms in Europe investing in Entertainment on Angels Partners

Nicole Quinn
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 London , New York , S..., U.S.A. - U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Udaan: $3240000000 (Later stage VC)
  • ShareChat: $1163100000 (Later stage VC)
  • FastFox: $300000000 (Early stage VC)
  • BYJU’S: $75000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Reflektive: $60000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Highfive: $32000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Ladder: $30000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Dremio Corporation: $25000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Arctic Wolf Networks: $16000000 (Later stage VC)
  • InnovAccer: $15600000 (Early stage VC)
  • MDClone: $10000000 (Early stage VC)
  • laiye: (Later stage VC)
  • It's Good: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Daybreak Health: $13000000 (Series B)
  • Daybreak Health: $10000000 (Series A)
  • beehiiv: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Lightyear: $25000000 (Series A)
  • Real: $37000000 (Series B)
  • Real: $10000000 (Series A)
  • Autograph: $170000000 (Series B)
  • Calm: $75000000 (Series C)
  • Calm: $27000000 (Series B)
  • Lunchclub: $24000000 (Series A)
  • CleanCo: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Brandable: (Series B)
  • Brandable: (Series A)
  • Brandable: (Series A)
  • Haus Beauty: (Series A)
  • Haus Beauty: (Series A)
  • Haus: (Series A)
  • Goop: $50000000 (Series C)
  • Girlboss: $3000000 (Seed)

Nicole Quinn

London - New York - San Francisco Bay Area - California, U.S.A. - U.K.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Media • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Cosmetics (& Fashion) • Entertainment (& Sports) • HealthTech (& Fitness) • Local commerce • Healthcare (& Wellness) • Consumer


General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Nicole is an investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners, focused on early stage Consumer internet and FinTech companies, having invested in companies such as Calm, Cameo, Lunchclub, HAUS, Rothy’s, Zola, Daily Harvest, Illumix, Girlboss and Goop. Nicole spent nearly a decade at Morgan Stanley covering the European and US e-commerce, retail and consumer companies. She also angel invested in healthcare and consumer companies over those years and then went to Nutmeg, a London based FinTech company. Later during business school, Nicole launched her own startup, which is where she met Lightspeed. Nicole invests in generational change companies who are building brands and quickly becoming part of popular culture. She holds a degree in math and economics from the University of York, England and an MBA from Stanford.

Dylan Boyd
Investing in Hardware (& Manufacturing) • Re...
 London , Los Angeles ..., U.S.A. - U.K.
Investor Picture

Dylan Boyd

London - Los Angeles - San Francisco Bay Area - New York - Portland - Oregon, U.S.A. - U.K.

Investing In

Hardware (& Manufacturing) • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Sales (& Marketing) • Entertainment (& Sports) • Blockchain (& Cryptos) • Gaming (& eSports) • Advertising • Nanotechnology


Most Interested In

Sports Tech – Marketing Tech – Connected Commerce – IoT – Hospitality – Digital Media - Blockchain (non crypto/fintech)

Not Interested In


Saloni Bhojwani
Investing in Entertainment (& Sports) • Heal...
 London, U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Founders Factory: (mid stage)
  • Alma Angels: (early stage)
  • Backed VC: (mid stage)
  • Rubies In The Rubble: (late stage)
  • WeCoffee:
  • WILD.AI: (early stage)
  • White Cloud Capital:

Saloni Bhojwani

London, U.K.

Investing In

Entertainment (& Sports) • HealthTech (& Fitness) • Food & Beverage • Healthcare (& Wellness) • Consumer


Investor at Founders Factory | Angel Investor

Co-Founder & Partner at Pink Salt Ventures

Stephanie Hospital
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Paris France, France
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Jellysmack: $14000000 (Later stage VC)
  • WeLink (Business/Productivity Software): $4980000 (Early stage VC)
  • Woonivers:
  • Zar: (mid stage)
  • ExactCure:
  • France Digitale: (late stage)
  • Hoomano: (mid stage)
  • Loopsider: (early stage)
  • Studytracks: (mid stage)
  • Yogosha: (mid stage)
  • Zyl: (mid stage)
  • Antescofo: (early stage)
  • Glose: (mid stage)
  • MatchTune:
  • onoff Telecom: (mid stage)
  • Phantombuster:
  • Woleet: (mid stage)
  • Gestoos: (late stage)
  • (early stage)
  • #NOM?: (early stage)
  • Zenly, Inc.: (mid stage)
  • OneRagtime: (early stage)
  • dailymotion: (late stage)

Stephanie Hospital

Paris France, France

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • IT (& TMT) • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Entertainment (& Sports) • Web Security (& Privacy) • Mobile


Founder and Ceo OneRagtime

Founder and Ceo OneRagtime

Christian Siegele
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Berlin , Cologne, Ger..., Germany
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • zeotap: $12830000 (Later stage VC)
  • CHRONEXT: $11000000 (Later stage VC)
  • ZAGENO Inc.: $8000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Unu: $7500000 (Early stage VC)
  • LeanIX: $7500000 (Later stage VC)
  • Wundertax: $4000000 (Early stage VC)
  • HiPeople: $3000000 (Seed Round)
  • HappyCar: $2600000 (Later stage VC)
  • Staffbase: $2020000 (Early stage VC)
  • Contiamo: (Later stage VC)
  • iWelcome: (Later stage VC)
  • CAPMO:
  • adjust: (late stage)
  • parcelLab: (mid stage)
  • Nomagic: (early stage)
  • Getsafe Insurance: (early stage)
  • Onedot: (mid stage)
  • FATMAP: (mid stage)
  • Agorize: (mid stage)
  • HAPPYCAR GmbH: (early stage)
  • Capnamic Ventures: (early stage)
  • Active Venture Partners: (late stage)
  • Fauna Inc.: (mid stage)
  • Dataminr: (late stage)
  • Orchard Platform: (early stage)
  • Blend: (early stage)
  • Improbable: (early stage)
  • RedOwl Analytics: (early stage)
  • Techstars: (late stage)
  • Conversion Capital LLC: (early stage)
  • Barclays Capital:

Christian Siegele

Berlin - Cologne, Germany, Germany

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • IT (& TMT) • Media • FinTech (& Financials services) • Entertainment (& Sports) • Insurance (& InsurTech) • Logistics (& Distribution) • Mobile • Mobility


Founder & Managing Partner Capnamic Ventures

Founder & Managing Partner Capnamic Ventures

Marcel Beemsterboer
Investing in Hospitality (& Events) • Educat...
 , Netherlands
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Perseuss:
  • Rockstart: (late stage)
  • StarOfService: (mid stage)
  • Tripaneer: (mid stage)
  • 8fit: (early stage)
  • Deskbookers: (early stage)
  • Eversports: (early stage)
  • Ubeo: (early stage)
  • Catawiki: (late stage)
  • CrowdyHouse: (early stage)
  • Gibbon - Knowledge Sharing for Teams: (early stage)
  • (late stage)
  • Zazzy: (early stage)
  • 3D Hubs: (early stage)
  • Emesa Nederland BV | Emesa Holdings BV: (late stage)
  • Zeeburg Ventures:
  • Netdirect: (early stage)

Marcel Beemsterboer

, Netherlands

Investing In

Hospitality (& Events) • Education • FinTech (& Financials services) • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Entertainment (& Sports) • Consumer


Entrepreneur/ Investor

Entrepreneur/ Investor

Guillaume Durao
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Paris France , Luxemb..., France
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Tonsser: $2690000
  • 21 Buttons: (mid stage)
  • Corti: (early stage)
  • Clustree: (mid stage)
  • LumApps - The Social Intranet recommended by Google: (mid stage)
  • OnTruck: (early stage)
  • Peakon: (early stage)
  • Storefront: (mid stage)
  • happn: (early stage)
  • Secret Escapes: (mid stage)

Guillaume Durao

Paris France - Luxembourg, France

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • IT (& TMT) • Entertainment (& Sports) • Productivity


Business angel & early-stage venture capitalist

Guillaume Durao serves as Investment Director at IDInvest Partners. He serves as a Board Member at Clustree. Durao serves as Board Observer at Secret Escapes. He helps source, analyze and execute investments in the digital sector in France and the rest of Europe. Before joining Idinvest Partners in March 2015 he spent four years at the early-stage venture capital firm Mangrove Capital Partners, where he was involved in investments in Germany, Israel, Russia and the UK. Guillaume started his career as an investment banker, first in the corporate finance department of Credit Agricole and then at TMT boutique Bryan, Garnier & Co where he advised over 30 start-ups on divestment and funding deals. Guillaume graduated from Dauphine University in Paris and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Antoine Fine
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Paris, France, France
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Nous Anti: (Gaspi)
  • Organic Basics:
  • I MAKE:
  • HO KARAN: (mid stage)
  • Joyeuse:
  • PAZZI - Le Robot Pizzaïolo: (late stage)
  • TIPTOE: (mid stage)
  • Ana Luisa: (early stage)
  • Eutopia:
  • Peas&Love:
  • Tediber: (mid stage)
  • Feed.: (early stage)
  • HARi&CO (ICI&LÀ): (mid stage)
  • Kids Empire: (early stage)
  • Polène:
  • dynamo cycling: (early stage)
  • Hapik: (early stage)
  • LABOTÉ: (early stage)
  • MÊME: (early stage)
  • Merci Handy: (early stage)
  • Oh My Cream !: (mid stage)
  • Otium: (early stage)
  • Weekendesk: (late stage)

Antoine Fine

Paris, France, France

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Entertainment (& Sports) • Food & Beverage • Healthcare (& Wellness)


Managing Partner & Co-founder at Eutopia

Managing Partner & Co-founder at Eutopia

Aapo Bovellan
Investing in Entertainment (& Sports) • Medi...
 London E LP, United Kingdom
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • myHealthPal: $780000 (Early Stage VC)
  • Surya:
  • Equinox Group:
  • Nuvalence: (early stage)
  • Proxy • Venture capital creatives: (early stage)
  • Uplause: (mid stage)

Aapo Bovellan

London E LP, United Kingdom

Investing In

Entertainment (& Sports) • Medical Devices (& Hospital Services)


Founding Partner at Proxy • Branding VC

Mr. Aapo Bovellan is a Co-Founding Partner of Proxy Ventures. He served as a Board Member at Paptic. He serves as Board Member at Zen-Me. He served as Board Member and Advisor at Uplause. He is responsible for creating Uplause and Supercell brands. He drove the critically acclaimed global redesign of Nokia's brand, including the creation of the Nokia Pure typeface which won the Design Museum's Graphic Design of the Year.

Philipp Stauffer
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Portland , Washington..., Switzerland
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Draganfly Innovations: $5460000
  • PROCIVIS AG: (mid stage)
  • Swiss Blockchain Federation:
  • FYRFLY Venture Partners: (early stage)
  • Onor: (early stage)
  • Dropimpact: (early stage)
  • Accenture: (late stage)
  • Prinova Inc:
  • rready: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Altoida: $14000000 (Series A)
  • Altoida: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Altoida: $750000 (Convertible Note)
  • Altoida: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Unique: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Locatee: $8000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Locatee: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Capsule Social: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Beekeeper: $45000000 (Series B)
  • Beekeeper: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Beekeeper: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Beekeeper: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Piavita: $5500000 (Series A)
  • Piavita: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Doky Inc: (Seed)
  • Doky Inc: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Doky Inc: $4000000 (Series Unknown)
  • $19000000 (Series Unknown)
  • $14000000 (Series Unknown)
  • (Series Unknown)
  • SourceDNA: $120000 (Seed)
  • Bizzy: $120000 (Seed)
  • Speakr: $3000000 (Seed)
  • AngelList: $24000000 (Series A)
  • Philz Coffee: $15000000 (Series A)
  • PowerInbox - DynamicMail business: $800000 (Seed)
  • NoiseToys: $1000000 (Seed)
  • (Seed)
  • PlaySpan: (Seed)

Philipp Stauffer

Portland - Washington - Los Angeles - San Francisco Bay Area - Pittsburgh - Boston - New York - Seattle - Palo Alto, Switzerland

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Businesses Solutions • Hardware (& Manufacturing) • Entertainment (& Sports) • A.I. (& Big Data) • Web Security (& Privacy) • Analytics • Cloud Services (& Infrastructure) • Developer tools • Payments • DeepTech • Woman Focused


Co-Founder and Managing Director

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Philipp Stauffer serves as Venture Partner at Allegro Venture Partners. Stauffer is also a Co-Founder and serves as General Partner at FYRFLY Venture Partners. He an Advisor at Doky and serves as the Board Member at Beekeeper. He brings domestic and international mobile, online, ecommerce, digital marketing, cloud, data-science and enterprise software experience. Philipp is the Founder & CEO of Onor, a start-up in native & immersive marketing. Philipp is also a Founding Principal at Dropimpact, an Innovation Catalyst and Think Tank in Silicon Valley. He was part of the Senior Executive Team at Adchemy (acquired by Walmart) and led strategic sales and client services. Prior to Adchemy, Philipp was a Managing Partner at Accenture focusing on growth strategy and innovation. Most recently he was a Founding Partner of Accenture Interactive (now Accenture Digital), a now leading global marketing practice with more than 4,000 digital marketing and data sciences professionals globally. Philipp is an active investor and advisor to start-ups such as Playspan (acquired by Visa), NoiseToys (acquired by Jawbone), Appstores (acquired by InMobi), PubMatic, Angellist, Powerinbox, Pley, Active Replay, and Philz Coffee among others. Philipp holds a MS in Economics from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Henrik Torstensson
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Stockholm Sweden, Sweden
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Sparta (Hysminai AB):
  • Teamtailor: (early stage)
  • Castle: (early stage)
  • (early stage)
  • FishBrain AB: (early stage)
  • Lifesum: (early stage)
  • Tieday Group: (early stage)
  • Videoplaza: (early stage)

Henrik Torstensson

Stockholm Sweden, Sweden

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Media • Education • Businesses Solutions • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Entertainment (& Sports) • Analytics • Payments • Mobile • Consumer


CEO & Co-founder at Lifesum - We're hiring!

CEO of Lifesum. Previously with Spotify, Stardoll, TradeDoubler, Spray and Videoplaza (board member). Stockholm-based.

Eze Vidra
Investing in Entertainment (& Sports) • Gami...
 London, U.K. - Israel
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Syte: $21500000 (Later stage VC)
  • VaultML:
  • Zoog:
  • Remagine Ventures: (early stage)
  • Google:
  • Techbikers: (early stage)
  • Seedcamp:
  • Hour One: $20000000 (Series A)
  • Hour One: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Hour One: (Pre Seed)
  • echo3D: $4000000 (Series A)
  • echo3D: $850000 (Seed)
  • bxblue: $240000 (Seed)

Eze Vidra

London, U.K. - Israel

Investing In

Entertainment (& Sports) • Gaming (& eSports) • Nanotechnology


Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures | VC Seed/Pre-seed | Ex-Googler

Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures | VC Seed/Pre-seed | Ex-Googler

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