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Based across London and New York, Angels Partners' team met throughout the years in the startup ecosystem. We all have a passion for entrepreneurship and technology, and we all believe that the future of investing is online.

The Angels Partners team brings together seasoned entrepreneurs, top executives and business leaders, accumulating years of experience in raising capital and building successful ventures.

Founder - Business Development & Investor' Relations

Yohann Merran

Business Development & Investor Relations

With a strong background in entrepreneurship and fundraising, Yohann's goal is to create a community of active investors looking to get an edge on the market.

Immersed into the world of the Silicon Valley since his early twenties, with companies based in San Francisco, NYC & London, he has always been an active member of startup communities around the world helping founders reach their goals.

Associate Partner

Clement Perrot

Associate Partner

Clement is an associate partner at Angels Partners. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in the startup ecosystem for over 10 years.
He is passionate about technology and innovation and has a strong background in fundraising and entrepreneurship.

Marketing, Communication

Vitliy Kolos

Marketing, Communication

Vitaliy Kolos is the Chief Marketing Officer at Angels Partners, renowned for his expertise in SEO and digital marketing.

With a strong background in SEO copywriting and marketing, he has been instrumental in developing effective online marketing strategies for the company.

His professional journey includes significant roles as an SEO Specialist at WebDesy and datashake, and he's the CEO and Founder of WebDesy.com.

His work is characterized by a deep understanding of SEO tactics and a passion for enhancing web presence and traffic.

Entrepreneurs Relation

Steve Andrew

Entrepreneurs Relation

Steve is our in-house business analyst with years of experience in the field. Working with top financial firms, he brings his skills to help capture the best startups & founders online and place them on our platform.

Passionate about technology and innovation, Steve always like to help early stage entrepreneurs by giving them the tools to succeed in their ventures.

Business Development

James Martin

Business Development

Over 2 decades of experience in analyzing markets and building executive strategies. I demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry and acquired exposure and experience from renowned organizations like Mc Kinsey and Hewlett Packard.

Always wanted to be a part of the startup ecosystem and so laid the foundation of several startup programs. I'm passionate towards building a marketplace to connect investors and startup founders accross the world with Angels Partners.

Strong business development professional skilled in Management, Strategy, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Start-ups, and Leadership.

Board Advisor

Matthew Eisner

Board Advisor

I am a data-driven product, growth, and analytics manager with 10+ years of experience working in startups, scale-ups, corporates, and investment organizations around the world.

I've built marketing and growth capabilities from scratch for companies that have achieved mid-9-figure exits, and managed 20+ person teams while developing talent that would go into senior roles at top global tech firms and funds.

I've also directly funded more than 50 tech startups, both independently and as a part of global tech consultancies, foundations, and funds, as well as indirectly facilitated investment into more than 1,000 companies.

I've mentored and advised hundreds of founders (including 4+ founders at pre-seed stage startups that would grow into "unicorn" companies), both independently and for 20+ organizations such as Google, the Austrian government, the United Kingdom government, London Business School, Imperial College Business School, Cambridge University, Start-up Chile, and many others.

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