AWA Success Story

May 8th, 2023

AWA is a consumer product brand based in New York City, USA that creates water carbonators so that you can create your sodas at home. It allows consumers to make carbonated beverages in various flavors using one machine.

The company, founded by Thomas and Cival, strongly focuses on creating an ethical and sustainable alternative to the big business soda industry. 


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“Thomas created multiple campaigns on the platform, targeting different types of investors and following up with investors who demonstrated traction on the platform.”

As is the story with all startups, they needed an investment of cash to make their product and begin marketing and selling to consumers. The company is at its seed stage in the Food and Beverage industry and relies heavily on outsourced investment. This round aimed to begin the process of manufacturing the tools required to make the AWA bottles.

So they decided to turn to an online investment platform, Angels Partners. The platform has a massive database of over 100k investors that are actively searching for investment opportunities. 

But just how did they do it? First, they created well-functioning automated campaigning over three months using the platform's built-in outreach and follow-up system. Then, with the help of the automated functions, they reached out to 1156 investors; this led to 32 meetings with interested investors and a successful investment from 2 of them.


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With a fundraising goal of $1.2 million, they successfully combined their use of Angels Partners with other fundraising methods and raised $100,000 on Angels Partners.

Here is what Thomas, the founder of AWA, had to say about his experience on the platform.

“I contacted a lot of investors on the platform with a few hours of work, resulting in over 30 calls with investors, 2 of which invested for a total amount of $100,000. We are still in discussion with a third investor to join the next round. Very happy with the process.”

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