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Based in San Francisco & London, the Angels Partners team brings together seasoned entrepreneurs, top executives and business leaders, accumulating years of experience in raising capital and building successful ventures.

As Founders & ex-VC partners ourselves, we acquired a deep experience in various startup ecosystems. This has given us a deep knowledge and understanding of what investors are expecting from a startup before investing. We are building software and distributing content to help early-stage Founders find startup funding.


Mike testimonial

"We met the perfect Angel Investor within the Angels Partners Investors' Community. We received a $250,000 check after 2 months of discussions with investors on the platform."

Michael Colin - Founder & CEO of The MVMT

"Raising Capital for a consumer venture can be rather difficult and Angels Partners helped connect the dots and helped us meet investors who were interested in our brand."

Taylor Matter - Founder & CEO, Hurdle Apparel

Taylor Testimonial
founder clement

"We met really good investors, who invested in ZenLaw that we would not have met otherwise. Angels Partners helped us close our round quicker and with the right people."

Fabien Palazo - Co-Founder of ZenLaw

"After bootstrapping my business for 3 years we decided to raise our seed round and Angels Partners has proven to be extremely valuable in this process."

Matthieu Picard - Founder of Sell Saas

Mathieu Founder Testimonial
Sacha Startup founder testimonial

"This was our first fundraising and we were struggling to connect with investors. Angels Partners has been immensely helpful in discovering the right investors and raising $400K in 7 months."

Sacha Dumay - Founder of Chat Node AI

"Angels Partners helped us expand our network of investors and raise money. It was very easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to connect with the right angel investors & VCs."

Philip Källberg - Founder & CEO of

Philip Startup founder testimonial
Thomas Founder testimonial

"We were raising $1M to launch our manufacturing process and thanks to them we were able to raise $100K over 4 months via a dozen of meetings with business angels and early stage VCs"

Thomas Agaraté - Founder of Drink AWA

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They Are Raising Highlighted

Rejuve Therapeutics

At Rejuve, we slow down, stop, and reverse COPD, the 3rd leading cause of death in the world.…

Main 665ce2908b350_RejuveTherapeuticsLogo2.0.png logo

Rejuve Therapeutics

Delaware, United States | Pharmaceutical (& Medicine)

Our customers are the 1/2 billion people worldwide with COPD that are indicated for the current standard of care. Our revenue model is 25%-50% lower in cost for patients, compared to current standard of care, at $1,200 per patient per month. Constructed with a contact at Johnson & Johnson, our revenue model shows an 83% net EBITDA margin. The project has a $3B NPV15 and a $472M risk-adjusted rNPV15.

Raised: $0 | Raising: $2,000,000
Valuation: $27,000,000
Equity: 7.41%

Developer Connection

Find top UK eCommerce developers for your store. Developer Connection is the instant, intelligent marketplace for store owners to find high-quality, expert eCommerce developers for cost & time-effective custom development.…

Main 66595fc736c6a_logo_circular_no_trans.png logo

Developer Connection

Coventry, United Kingdom | SaaS

280,000 UK eCommerce stores need development work at any one time. Currently, there's no single go-to resource businesses can use to make professional connections with developers. Developer Connection is that resource. In one place it allows businesses to: - Time and cost-effectively find high-quality, UK-based eCommerce developers across all major platforms. - Easily build professional connections with developers who will confidently fulfil the business requirements. - Find all the information needed to make informed hiring decisions. With us, businesses can confidently and quickly progress their projects knowing they have access to a powerful resource of time-proven developers. We charge developers a subscription to use the service. This is currently £10 a month, but we will be introducing higher paid tiers for the most experienced developers.. This is likely to be in the range of £100 a month for the top tier. Store owners pay to connect with any more than 5 developers or teams up to £300 per project. This will also increase when the higher subscription tiers are introduced for store owners to connect with the most experienced developers. The service is: - Already built, live, and being used in small numbers - 5 years into the development cycle All required functionality is already there, with: - Supporting systems for contacting us - Marketing with full integration to the CRM and attribution tracking - Affiliate scheme - Functioning subscriptions

Raised: $0 | Raising: $200,000
Valuation: $85,000
Equity: 235.29%

Find Labs Inc.

Not another dating app, FIND is a first-of-a-kind social network for singles with limitless interest-driven discovery.

Main 664f8bdae912f_Screen Shot 2024-01-31 at 4.06.48 PM.jpeg logo

Find Labs Inc.

Los Angeles, United States | Online Social

User-generated subscriptions (monthly or a la carte) and e-commerce transactions. 80%+ margins.

Raised: $700,000 | Raising: $1,500,000
Valuation: $7,500,000
Equity: 20%

Xeela Fitness

We simplify nutrition and exercise through ai and machine learning, breaking down barriers for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Main 664dcfa29f151_xeela final logo (1).png logo

Xeela Fitness

Los Angeles, United States | HealthTech (& Fitness)

Monthly Subscription- $23.99 Annual Subscription- $168.99 Margin- 70%

Raised: $1,000,000 | Raising: $3,000,000
Valuation: $27,000,000
Equity: 11.11%

Daresbury Proteins Ltd

Enabling platform for mammalian recombinant production of difficult-to-express proteins and biotherapeutics…

Main 6641df934dc2e_Daresbury Proteins Ltd Logo.jpg logo

Daresbury Proteins Ltd

Warrington, United Kingdom | BioTech

We are focussed on improving the production of difficult to express targets initially for research, but potentially for large scale recombinant production of high value therapeutics. We are challenging the current production titre driver in drug discovery and developing platforms which would significantly improve the expression levels of difficult to express targets across the range of product classes and, therefore, reimagine the therapeutic opportunities for druggable targets. Our strategy is to develop a broad armoury of innovative IP to differentiate the expression of all potential targets and remove the production barrier to research and innovation of therapies – particularly for those of high unmet need. The Company closed a pre-seed investment with matched funding totalling £510,000 in 2022 and secured experienced BoD. The Company is now seeking seed round investment totalling £0.8m over a 2-year runway to develop and exemplify the next wave of its enabling technology platforms. The company is already engaged in scale up intensification activities with several CDMO partners to fully validate the platforms for production of biotherapeutics and will continue these “off balance sheet” activities throughout the technology lifecycle and the future potential for early-stage product development strategy for the therapeutics or consumer products – creating a future investment proposition by leveraging its own technologies to improve patient/consumer health benefits.

Raised: $0 | Raising: $800,000
Valuation: $2,000,000
Equity: 40%


In a world drowning in plastic and losing its green cover at a previously unseen rate, envoPAP makes innovative packaging materials that are kind to the planet.…

Main 6658e1a4a4f46_EnvopapLogo4.png logo


London, United Kingdom | Material Science

envoPAP has a cradle-to-grave business model. Currently, the company works with farmers to source raw materials (Agri-fibre). This raw material is converted into the finished product/solution through a supply chain of contract manufacturers and converters and then supplied to customers. In Q4 2024, the company expects to open its own manufacturing facility (currently under construction), bringing a large part of the manufacturing in-house.

Raised: $930,000 | Raising: $4,000,003
Valuation: $15,000,000
Equity: 26.67%

Reental Holding Company

Tokenizing the $300tn real estate market, one property at a time.…

Main 6637a9aac6c57_LogoReental.jpg logo

Reental Holding Company

Miami, United States | Blockchain (& Cryptos)

Reental is the leading real estate investment platform in tokenized AUM in Europe, the global leader in the Spanish-speaking market and the fastest growing in the Americas. We make investing in real estate accessible to everyone with a few clicks, starting from $100, with automatic monthly passive income, CoCs of +13% and 24/7 liquidity, thanks to blockchain and its smart contracts. We are also the first company in the world to have tokenized +60 real estate projects from three different continents (Europe, North America and South America) under CNMV and SEC securities regulations, and will soon facilitate collateralized loans with our tokens as collateral, automatic monthly transfers to indexed real estate funds, as well as the world's only web3 investment platform with vaults to facilitate reinvestment and compound interest, and with a web2 user experience through our upcoming human wallet. Currently, without investing in marketing, we have a community of +16,000 users from 82 countries, and 92% of our investors reinvest with us (not only in real estate, but also in equity, in fact +50% of our last round came from users of our platform). Finally, in October 2023, we launched the IDO of our utility token RNT with a +65% appreciation (x5 for those who bought in the pre-sale) in just 5 months. You can access our deck at: You can also access more details at our crowdfunding campaign at:

Raised: $100,000 | Raising: $1,000,000
Valuation: $42,000,000
Equity: 2.38%


The UK's only wedding focussed marketplace…

Main 664f0c08b976d_WEDISSIMOLOGOGREEN.png logo


London, United Kingdom | Consumer

A highly curated set of wedding suppliers create listings on our website. Couples book and pay through the site and we take a commission of 18.75% from bookings. The supplier pays the commission (not the couple) and we don't allow suppliers to charge higher prices on our site than elsewhere. The business model is very similar to Airbnb. We expect margins to be 30-40% in steady state.

Raised: $140,000 | Raising: $500,000
Valuation: $2,000,000
Equity: 25%

Sky East Invest Ltd

Win-win solution for decarbonisation challenge…

Main 6622a27ded901_easychar logo final_R_small.jpg logo

Sky East Invest Ltd

Inverness, United Kingdom | Energy

Easychar is a decentralised, renewable energy supply system. We integrate modular biochar production units with energy generating systems at various businesses. Implementation of Easychar concept helps businesses to get clean source of energy by replacing fossil fuels alternatives. Easychar generates 3 valuable products: - energy - biochar - carbon removal credits Trading of all of them makes our business model profitable. At the moment we are focused on developing the concept through Scottish distilleries. However, total addressable market is much wider and includes such sectors like greenhouses, pet foods production, other spirits production, buildings heating systems , etc. We are at seed stage at the moment with early traction and a clear growth plan to Series A. Please find further details in attached pitch.

Raised: $250,000 | Raising: $3,000,000
Valuation: $150,000,000
Equity: 2%

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