Angels Partners helps The MVMNT Group raise $250k for Saas product

April 4th, 2023


Based in Chicago, U.S.A, The MVMNT Group is a software and web company with the ultimate fundraising success story that any startup would dream of. After contacting investors from the Angels Partners’ community, CEO, Micheal Colin, secured $250k in capital, in only a few weeks.

Raising Funds with Angels Partners 

In an era dominated by smart technology and AI, The MVMNT group, a modern brokerage company transforming the way shippers transport goods, has positioned itself at the intersection of freight and technology. By building an automated, end-to-end logistics platform, The MVMNT Group are redesigning the management of the transportation lifecycle and intelligently matching shipments with trucks.

Having subscribed to the Angels Partners’ platform in October 2020, former director of another major freight brokerage, Michael Colin, used a total of 38 pings to contact relevant investors for his business. After just 5 months on the platform, the MVMNT group were in a position to close their pre-seed funding, having raised a total of $250k. 

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Shaping the Success Story

A team with years of experience in the transportation industry, this startup certainly had the necessary credentials to start a successful company. In fact, the founders designed and built a product that would have been a game-changer during their time in the industry. Inspired by their own experiences in the field using outdated legacy products, such as phones and paper documentation, The MVMNT Group targeted the transportation management systems market, with a market value of $20B, developing a new system that provides 15-minute tracking updates on over 95% of their shipments, using ELD integration, telematics and GPS tracking. 

Having pre-sold Bid Software, the MVMNT Group demonstrated ample product market fit and opportunity for innovation. A clear and informative pitch deck, backed up with key metrics and numbers, a clean social media and a streamlined and sophisticated website, this startup certainly put in the necessary work. For many first time founders, demonstrating traction often falls by the wayside, as they don’t realize that this is precisely what investors want to see from day one. Colin and colleagues had interacted with the industry, spoken to the market and provided a product to fit the market niche. 

Using Angels Partners, The MVMNT Group could then reach out to and connect with relevant investors, in a time-saving manner, providing Colin and his team with the appropriate network of investors to kick start the fundraising process. For The MVMNT Group, the funding was just the bridge to bring existing prospective deals to fruition.


Yohann Merran, Angels Partners’ CEO commented, “Seeing startups succeed in their fundraising on Angels Partners is a true testament to the power and effectiveness of the platform. We host the best startups, who demonstrate the highest quality, from all over the world and provide our members with access to one of the largest databases of investors. The MVMNT Group raised funds faster than the average startup and not everyone will achieve such rapid results, but their project had all the necessary ingredients to build a successful company, including access to an extensive database of investors, provided by Angels Partners.”


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