Sell SaaS Success Story

October 21st, 2023

Meet Sell SaaS, a platform designed to assist entrepreneurs in establishing their own customized lead-generation system by adopting a white branding approach. By utilizing this solution, entrepreneurs are relieved of the burden of managing the product itself, allowing them to devote their attention and efforts solely on the growth and development of their business.

The story behind Sell Saas is inspiring, Matt started the company Anyleads, a lead generation platform in 2014 and bootstrapped it to over 1M in revenues, he then decided to start Sell SaaS to white brand his first company and offered this service starting 2019. After growing the revenues to a whooping €5M in annual revenues, he decided to move on to the next step, and bring VCs onboard.

When we started working with Matthieu, he was looking to raise €1M. Eventually, he raised €250K on the platform: €200 K from a VC based in the UK, and €50K from an investor within our community. Matthieu reached out to a whopping 202 venture capitalists, arranging a total of 13 meetings. 

Out of these meetings, seven progressed to follow-up conversations and three investors expressed keen interest in staying connected for future funding opportunities. Adding to the excitement, one investor went ahead and committed a substantial investment of €200K.

In addition, Matthieu made contact with an extensive network of 517 angel investors. From this pool, he secured several meetings and one of these angel investors, who is part of our community prospecting on the platform, signed a check of €50K. The entire process took him around four months from start to finish.



Mathieu Picard, software developer, business enthusiast and CEO of Anyleads and Sell Saas, spent over 8 years building Anyleads and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the lead generation market. 

As a solo founder, he achieved impressive sales of approximately €5,000,000 through his software on a annual basis. With a vision to enable individuals worldwide to replicate this success, he recently launched Sell Saas, which has been operational for one year.

The concept behind Sell Saas is straightforward; Mathieu offers a complete infrastructure for selling, including the product itself, regular updates, appealing designs and scalable capabilities. Notably, his team even provides customer support, relieving users of that responsibility. 

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