Revolutionizing Communication with AI, A Success Story

March 27th, 2024

In the bustling world of technology startups, the journey from a fledgling idea to a thriving business is often fraught with challenges. Yet, for, this journey unfolded as a remarkable success story, illustrating the power of Angels Partners, it's community of founders, investors and the services it provides to founders. 

The Beginning: A Visionary Idea emerged from a simple yet profound realization: in an increasingly digital world, the essence of communication should not be lost in automation. The founders, a dynamic team of AI enthusiasts and tech innovators, believed in creating an AI-powered platform that could facilitate natural, engaging, and efficient conversations between businesses and their clients. Their goal was to develop a system that not only automated responses but understood and adapted to the nuances of human dialogue.

The Challenge: Funding the Dream

Despite the potential of their innovative idea, like many startups, faced the daunting challenge of securing the necessary funding to bring their vision to life. They needed capital to refine their AI technology, expand their team, and launch their platform on a scale that matched their ambitions. That's where came into the picture.

The Turning Point: Partnering with

Understanding the critical role of funding in their growth, turned to, a platform known for connecting startups with angel investors. The synergy was immediate. recognized the disruptive potential of's AI-driven communication platform and the value it could bring to businesses worldwide.

The Triumph: Securing $750,000 for a $2.2M Seed Round

The collaboration with proved to be a watershed moment for Through the platform, they successfully raised $750,000, a significant portion of their $2.2 million seed round, from a group of visionary investors who believed in the company's mission. This influx of capital enabled to accelerate their product development, enhance their AI algorithms, and initiate a strategic go-to-market plan.

Sacha subscribed in December 2023, a couple of months after the start of their initial fundraising. He connected with investors in 4 different ways:

 1- Sacha First connected with investors from our investor community, out of the 56 investors he contacted, he schedule 2 meetings, one of which is still ongoing for this round.

 2 - Sacha then used the database to discover investors who were right for his business, with thousands of investors to contact, he decided to start with Angel Investors and contacted all 1756 investors we listed for him

 3 - He then used our LinkedIn Warm Introduction Plugin to discover introductions paths to these investors and generated 28 introductions, half of them turned into a meeting, which proven to be a very efficient way to connect with investors.

 4 - Last, he used our Founder Community to connect with relevant founders in his industry and interacted with 3 other founders on the platform, they exchanged introductions to investors and helped each other out in their fundraising.

The Future: Beyond the Horizon

Today, stands as a testament to the transformative power of AI in enhancing human connections in the digital age. The success of their seed round, facilitated by, is not just a milestone but a stepping stone to greater achievements. With plans for further innovation and expansion, is on a trajectory to redefine the boundaries of AI and communication, promising an exciting future for businesses and their customers alike.

In the dynamic landscape of tech startups,'s success story is a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the importance of visionary ideas, strategic partnerships, and the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of digital communication.

This is where Angels Partner steps in, helping investors in their search for ambitious and likely to succeed startups.

Our selection process is rigorous and the matchmaking is affinity based to ensure each meeting is qualified and of economic interest to both parties.


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