Become more efficient in your quest for funding and raise funds faster

We know that raising funds is hard and time-consuming.
To help you become more efficient, we built in a complete suite of tools to help you raise funds faster.

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Fundraising CRM

With our Investor CRM, you can keep track of your outreach process.

Track conversations, follow-ups, and see who reviewed your profile and documents, as well as the time spent on each one of your documents.

Then automate actions based on this data, follow up with investors to schedule more meetings.

Contact Investors

Reach out to investors via emails using your own mailbox, with our outreach campaigns specifically tailored for fundraising.

Send follow-ups, schedule meetings, and track the performance of your outreach campaigns.

Add investors to your campaign in one click, and track their engagement easily.

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Get Meetings

Connect with investors the right way: Contact every investor directly on Platform by connecting your mailbox and using our outreach campaigns.

Add a much-needed personal touch without sacrificing the ability to connect with investors at scale. With our ready to use dynamic email templates, communicate with your investors on a 1-on-1 level.

We analyzed thousands of emails and with our data driven approach came up with templates that will help you increase your response rate and secure meetings.

Warm Introductions

Generate warm introductions from your LinkedIn Network.

With our advanced LinkedIn Plugin, we scan your LinkedIn network and find the best connections to introduce you to investors.

Automate this process and foster your LinkedIn network with our best in class technology in just a few clicks.

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