Interview with the Founder of ZenLaw: An Angels Partners Success Story!

December 9th, 2023

In our latest feature, we sit down with the founder of ZenLaw, Fabien Palazo, co-founder of groundbreaking platform that is redefining how corporate organize and manage their documents through Artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies. Following a successful fundraising round through AngelsPartners, we delve into their journey, the challenges faced, and the future of ZenLaw.

Yohann (CEO, Angels Partners): Welcome! We're thrilled to discuss ZenLaw's remarkable journey. To kick things off, could you share the inspiration behind ZenLaw?

Fabien (Co-Founder, Zenlaw): Thank you for having me. The inspiration for ZenLaw came from witnessing firsthand the complexities and inefficiencies in how corporations manage their important document. We saw an opportunity to simplify these processes, utilizing AI to streamline contract management, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of missed deadline, which led to the creation of ZenLaw.

Yohann: Your vision is truly transformative for these big corporations. When you decided to seek funding, what were your initial goals?

Fabien: Our primary goal was to secure $5 million to enhance our platform's capabilities and expand our reach. We knew that with the right funding, we could accelerate our development and make a significant impact on corporate governance.

Yohann: That's ambitious. How did you approach the fundraising process?

Fabien: It was a comprehensive effort. We reached out to hundreds of investors and scheduled around 70 meetings with my co-founder. Our aim was not just to find funding but to identify partners who shared our vision for the future of corporate governance.

Yohann: And that led you to AngelsPartners. How did our platform facilitate your fundraising efforts?

Fabien: AngelsPartners was instrumental in our journey. Your platform allowed us to connect with a niche group of investors who were specifically interested in legal tech and A.I. . The streamlined process and the quality of connections we made made a huge difference

Yohann: We're glad to hear that. Can you share some highlights from your fundraising success through AngelsPartners?

Fabien: Absolutely. Through AngelsPartners, we were able to secure $1.6 million from a single VC based in New York, which was a significant milestone for us. This investment has been crucial in scaling our operations and further developing our technology.

Yohann: How did you find that investor? Can you tell us a little bit more?

Fabien: We've created a pool of investors we wanted to get in touch with. The database you have had literally thousands of contacts so we had to start from a smaller pool of investors. We looked for VCs who invest in both AI & legal tech and that brought us a few hundreds highly targeted investors. We then contacted them via email and LinkedIn at the same time. Your LinkedIn plugin has been doing an amazing job at finding introduction paths to these investors, which ultimately led to meeting with the right VC.

Yohann: That's impressive. With this funding, what are the next steps for ZenLaw?

Fabien: We're focusing on enhancing our AI capabilities to provide even more intuitive solutions for corporate governance. Additionally, we're planning to expand our team and explore new markets to bring ZenLaw to a broader audience.

Yohann: It sounds like ZenLaw is on a path to make a significant impact. Do you have any advice for other startups looking to fundraise?

Fabien: Persistence is key. It's important to reach out to as many potential investors as possible and be prepared for numerous discussions. Platforms like AngelsPartners can be a game-changer, providing access to a targeted network of investors.

Yohann: Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with us. We're excited to see where ZenLaw will go from here and proud to have played a part in your story.

Fabien: Thank you. We're equally grateful for the support from AngelsPartners and look forward to continuing our journey together.

ZenLaw's success story is a testament to the power of innovation and strategic partnerships. Through AngelsPartners, ZenLaw has not only secured the funding needed to propel their mission forward but has also established valuable connections that will continue to support their growth in the corporate governance landscape.

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