Sweden Startup Ecosystem


Sweden has a highly innovative startup ecosystem, with Stockholm being a major global tech hub. As of 2023, Sweden is home to around 8,000 startups. The Swedish government supports innovation through initiatives like Vinnova, which provides funding and resources for startups. In 2022, Swedish startups raised approximately €4 billion in venture capital. These factors collectively highlight Sweden's dynamic and evolving startup landscape.

Size of the Market

As of 2023, Sweden's startup ecosystem includes around 8,000 startups. In 2022, these startups attracted approximately €4 billion in venture capital funding. This substantial investment underscores the ecosystem's growth potential and robust nature. The market's size and financial backing reflect its capacity to foster innovation and sustain a competitive edge within Europe and beyond.

Key Strengths

Sweden's startup ecosystem is characterized by several key strengths, including a high level of digitalization, a strong education system, and a favorable business environment. The country excels in sectors such as fintech, healthtech, and cleantech. These strengths are bolstered by Sweden's robust industrial base and government support, positioning it as a leader in the European startup scene.

Major Hubs

Stockholm is the primary hub of Sweden’s startup ecosystem, known for its strengths in fintech, healthtech, and cleantech. The city attracts significant investments and has produced notable unicorns like Klarna and Spotify. Gothenburg and Malmö also have vibrant startup scenes, particularly in automotive tech and gaming, respectively. These cities are instrumental in driving Sweden's economic growth and technological advancements.

Emerging Hubs

In addition to Stockholm, emerging hubs like Uppsala and Lund are gaining prominence in Sweden’s startup ecosystem. Uppsala is known for its strengths in biotech and pharmaceuticals, while Lund is becoming a hub for advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology. These emerging hubs are expanding the reach and diversity of Sweden’s entrepreneurial landscape, offering new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Support Systems

Sweden’s startup ecosystem benefits from a strong network of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces that provide essential support and resources for entrepreneurs. Initiatives like Stockholm Innovation & Growth (STING) and SUP46 have significantly boosted the ecosystem by offering mentorship, resources, and international exposure. This supportive infrastructure is crucial for nurturing early-stage companies and fostering a collaborative entrepreneurial environment.


Despite its strengths, the Swedish startup ecosystem faces challenges such as high taxes and regulatory complexities. Navigating these hurdles can be time-consuming and complex for startups. Addressing these issues requires strategic efforts and supportive policies to sustain growth and competitiveness in the global market.

Opportunities and Future Outlook

Sweden has significant opportunities for growth in sectors like fintech, healthtech, and cleantech. The country's strong focus on sustainability and green technology drives innovation in renewable energy and environmental technologies. Sweden's strategic location in Europe provides startups with opportunities for international expansion. With continued investment and innovation, Sweden's startup ecosystem is poised for further growth, contributing significantly to the European and global markets.

Resilience and Adaptability

Sweden's startup ecosystem demonstrates remarkable resilience and adaptability. The country's commitment to innovation, coupled with strong government and institutional support, enables startups to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. The diverse talent pool and high level of digitalization attract entrepreneurs and investors alike, ensuring sustained growth and success in the face of global economic shifts and market dynamics.

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Top Angel Investors

Sweden's startup ecosystem benefits from the support of influential angel investors who provide crucial early-stage funding and mentorship. Prominent figures include Hjalmar Winbladh, co-founder of Wrapp and an active angel investor, and Jane Walerud, a serial entrepreneur and investor in tech startups. These investors typically contribute between €50,000 and €500,000 per deal, offering not only capital but also strategic guidance and industry expertise. Their involvement is essential for the growth and development of early-stage companies, helping them navigate initial challenges and scale effectively.

Leading Venture Capital Firms

Sweden's venture capital landscape is driven by leading firms that provide substantial investments into high-growth startups. Firms such as Northzone, Creandum, and EQT Ventures are at the forefront, funding sectors including technology, health, and fintech. Northzone, for instance, has a diverse portfolio that includes companies like Spotify, Klarna, and iZettle. These firms typically engage in Series A to Series C funding rounds, with investment sizes ranging from €1 million to €50 million, facilitating significant scaling opportunities for startups.

Investment Size and Scope

The size and scope of investments in Sweden's startup ecosystem vary, catering to different stages of business growth. Early-stage investments, often provided by angel investors, range from €50,000 to €2 million. For growth-stage companies, venture capital firms offer larger funding rounds, typically between €5 million and €50 million. The scope of these investments spans various sectors, including AI, biotechnology, fintech, and cleantech, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of Sweden's entrepreneurial landscape.

Number of Investments

Sweden's venture capital and angel investment activity are robust, with a significant number of deals annually. In 2022, over 300 venture capital deals were recorded, amounting to approximately €4 billion in investments. This high level of activity underscores the vibrancy of the Swedish startup ecosystem, with both angel investors and venture capital firms actively seeking out and funding promising startups across a broad spectrum of industries.

Future Outlook of the Investment Market

The future outlook for Sweden's investment market is highly optimistic. With a continued emphasis on innovation and technology, sectors such as AI, biotechnology, and clean technology are expected to drive substantial growth. Government support through initiatives like Vinnova further bolsters the ecosystem. As global interest in sustainable and innovative solutions increases, Sweden's startups are well-positioned to attract significant international investments, fostering an environment ripe for continued expansion and success.

Support and Mentorship

Support and mentorship are critical components of Sweden's startup ecosystem. Angel investors and venture capitalists often provide more than just financial backing; they offer strategic advice, industry connections, and operational support. Programs like Stockholm Innovation & Growth (STING) and SUP46 enhance this support, offering structured mentorship, resources, and access to capital. This comprehensive support system helps startups navigate early challenges and scale effectively.

Government and Institutional Support

The Swedish government and various institutions play a pivotal role in nurturing the startup ecosystem. Initiatives such as Vinnova and support from organizations like Almi Invest provide substantial financial support and incentives. Additionally, entities like the Swedish Energy Agency offer grants, loans, and advisory services. This extensive support infrastructure is vital for fostering innovation, reducing financial barriers, and promoting sustainable growth within the startup community.


Sweden's startup ecosystem is bolstered by top angel investors, leading venture capital firms, and extensive support systems. With a diverse range of investment sizes and scopes, the market is poised for significant growth. The future outlook remains positive, driven by innovation, government support, and a collaborative environment. As Sweden continues to attract global investments and foster entrepreneurial talent, it stands to become a key player in the global startup landscape, contributing to advancements across various high-growth sectors.

Angel Investment trends in Sweden

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We found 671 Angel Investors in Sweden on Angels Partners

Daniel Waterhouse
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 London - New York City, U.K. - Germany - Sweden - Denmark
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Grasp: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Sylvera: $57000000 (Series B)
  • Unaric: $10000000 (Seed)
  • Uncommon: $24000000 (Series A)
  • Attio: $24000000 (Series A)
  • Attio: $8000000 (Seed)
  • Delli: $7000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Simple Feast: $45000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Simple Feast: $33000000 (Series B)
  • Simple Feast: $12000000 (Series A)
  • LoveCrafts: $22000000 (Series Unknown)
  • LoveCrafts: $33000000 (Series C)
  • LoveCrafts: $20000000 (Series B)
  • LoveCrafts: (Series A)
  • vivenu: $15000000 (Series A)
  • Kama: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Kbox Global: $16000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Infarm: $100000000 (Series B)
  • Infarm: $25000000 (Series A)
  • Workable: $50000000 (Series C)
  • Workable: $27000000 (Series B)
  • Thread: $22000000 (Series B)
  • Thread: $6000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Thread: $7000000 (Series A)
  • Mapfit: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Frontier Car Group: $17000000 (Debt Financing)
  • Frontier Car Group: $41000000 (Series B)
  • Frontier Car Group: $22000000 (Series A)
  • Instabridge: $3000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Instabridge: $1000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Instabridge: $3000000 (Series A)
  • TrademarkNow: $4000000 (Series B)
  • TrademarkNow: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Furhat Robotics: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Revolut: $66000000 (Series B)
  • Revolut: (Series A)
  • Revolut: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Revolut: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Turbine: (Angel)
  • ROLI: $27000000 (Series B)
  • ROLI: $4000000 (Series A)
  • ROLI: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Klarismo: $250000 (Seed)
  • Tictail: $22000000 (Series B)
  • Tictail: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Tictail: $2000000 (Seed)
  • YPlan: $24000000 (Series B)
  • YPlan: $12000000 (Series A)
  • YPlan: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Tech.eu: $210000 (Seed)
  • Top10: $8000000 (Series B)
  • Top10: $900000 (Series A)
  • SumAll: $4000000 (Series A)
  • SumAll: $6000000 (Series A)
  • SumAll: $2000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Wool and the Gang: $3000000 (Seed)
  • EyeEm: $6000000 (Series A)
  • EyeEm: (Seed)
  • FREE NOW: $31000000 (Series B)
  • FREE NOW: $17000000 (Series A)
  • FREE NOW: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Zopa: (Series D)
  • Bookatable: $24000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Bookatable: $10000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Bookatable: $16000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Qype: $11000000 (Series A)

Daniel Waterhouse

London - New York City, U.K. - Germany - Sweden - Denmark

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • FinTech (& Financials services) • Consumer


General Partner at Balderton Capital

VC with Balderton Partners
Linked In Description:

An experienced investor and strategic operator in technology companies having spent 6 years in Yahoo!s strategy and M&A team and working in the venture capial industry since the beginning of 2006. I've been privileged to be involved in investments in Top10, ROLI, TrademarkNow, Tictail, Lovecrafts, Thread, Spotify, YPlan, Hailo, Qype (sold to Yelp), Livebookings, Artfinder, Eyeem, BonusBox, Readmill (sold to Dropbox), HowDo, SumAll, Zopa and many more! Specialties: venture capital (VC), private equity, corporate development (corp dev), mergers & acquisitions, private equity, strategy development, operational improvement, financial management, corporate finance, financial planning, financial modelling, financial control, due diligence, competitive analysis, market analysis

Mats Johansson
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Stockholm - Malm Norway, Sweden
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Xercise4Less: $56630000
  • APPRL: (early stage)
  • 150KPR Capital:
  • Galton Voysey: (early stage)
  • Pacemaker®: (mid stage)
  • Strossle: (early stage)
  • Airec AB: (late stage)
  • Modern Car Group AB: (late stage)
  • LocalizeDirect: (early stage)
  • Planeto AB: (early stage)
  • Spintop Ventures: (early stage)
  • TeknoSeed Portfolio Management AB:
  • Expertmaker: (early stage)
  • GP Bullhound Sidecar Fund Ltd: (late stage)

Mats Johansson

Stockholm - Malm Norway, Sweden

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Hospitality (& Events) • Businesses Solutions • Mobility • Consumer


Investor in Tech

Mats Johansson joined TeknoSeed Portfolio Management AB as Co-founder and Partner in 2009. Since 2005 Mats has dedicated his time towards early stage investing through various activities including private angel investments as well as co-founding several venture funds including GP Bullhound Sidecar and Spintop Private Partner Fund. Prior to this he was lead investor and CEO of succesful turnaround Nasdaq technology company Futuremedia plc. And before that he was co-founder and CEO of successful US-based hotel and airplane shopping venture which he lead from start-up to exit. Mats has a BBA from Lund University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

Max Rimpel
Investing in Businesses Solutions
 New York, U.S.A. - U.K. - Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland,
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Climax Foods: $44017000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Starburst Data: $118000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Fast (Application Software): $102000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Wealthfront: $75000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Duo Security: $70000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Kano Computing: $28000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Figma: $25000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Built Technologies, Inc.: $21000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Behavox: $20000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Less: $19000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Homebell: $11000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Scoop Technologies: $10600000 (Early stage VC)
  • Trouva: $10000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Spendesk: $8000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Gremlin Inc: $7500000 (Early stage VC)
  • Linear: $4200000 (Early stage VC)
  • Supersolid: $4000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Pitch Software:
  • Taxfix: (mid stage)
  • arfa, Inc.: (early stage)
  • Personio: (mid stage)
  • ComplyAdvantage: (mid stage)
  • Typeform.com: (late stage)
  • Chalk: $10000000 (Seed)
  • Bandana: $4000000 (Seed)
  • ChannelEngine: $50000000 (Series B)
  • Enigma: (Seed)
  • cargo.one: $42000000 (Series B)
  • cargo.one: $19000000 (Series A)
  • Layer: $5000000 (Seed)

Max Rimpel

New York, U.S.A. - U.K. - Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland,

Investing In

Businesses Solutions


Principal at Index Ventures

Principal at Index Ventures

Sophia Bendz
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Stockholm, Sweden - U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Lilium Aviation: $90000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Clutter: $64000000 (Later stage VC)
  • MessageBird: $60000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Pipedrive: $60000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Healx: $56000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Graphcore: $30000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Habito: $18500000 (Later stage VC)
  • Memphis Meats: $17000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Bossa Studios: $10000000 (Early stage VC)
  • OnTruck: $10000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Hinge Health: $8300000 (Early stage VC)
  • Farmdrop: $7000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Bits Technology: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Bits Technology: $1000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Wikifarmer: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Wikifarmer: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Medoma: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Medoma: $1000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Juni: $100000000 (Series B)
  • Juni: $22000000 (Series A)
  • Juni: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Fullview: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • mayk: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Vira Health: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Mantle: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Mantle: $400000 (Seed)
  • Carbo Culture: $6000000 (Seed)
  • MagicBell: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Airly: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Starmony: $820000 (Series Unknown)
  • LifeX: $8000000 (Seed)
  • Daye: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Eastnine: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Grace Health: $400000 (Seed)
  • Grace Health: (Angel)
  • Care to Translate: $410000 (Angel)
  • Aiden.ai: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Hedvig: $4000000 (Seed)
  • BOOST Thyroid: $370000 (Seed)
  • Kind: $800000 (Pre Seed)
  • Sana: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Bokio: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Karma: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Prion: (Seed)
  • Joint Academy: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Joint Academy: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Left or Right: $210000 (Series Unknown)
  • Greta: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Digiexam: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Roger: $1000000 (Seed)

Sophia Bendz

Stockholm, Sweden - U.K.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Sales (& Marketing) • CleanTech • Consumer • Productivity


Most Interested In


Gustaf Alstromer
Investing in FinTech (& Financials services) &bul...
 San Francisco Bay Are..., U.S.A. - Sweden
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Forza Football:
  • Craftwork: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Craftwork: $4000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Pina Earth: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Ordinary Seafood: (Pre Seed)
  • Infina: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Lumina: (Seed)
  • FinFlx: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Airwork: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Enode: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Queenly: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Axle Health: $120000 (Pre Seed)
  • Linear: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Linear: $4000000 (Seed)
  • HUBUC: $130000 (Seed)
  • Avo: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Avo: $150000 (Seed)
  • Dropee: $1000000 (Seed)
  • EdenFarm Indonesia: $2000000 (Seed)
  • BrainKey: (Seed)
  • BrainKey: $200000 (Pre Seed)
  • Fazz: $21000000 (Series A)
  • Arrow: $500000 (Pre Seed)
  • Fibo: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Sunrise: $2000000 (Seed)
  • YesGraph: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Tictail: $2000000 (Seed)

Gustaf Alstromer

San Francisco Bay Area - South San Francisco, U.S.A. - Sweden

Investing In

FinTech (& Financials services) • A.I. (& Big Data) • Blockchain (& Cryptos) • Web Security (& Privacy) • Analytics • Developer tools • Robotics


Gustaf Alstromer serves as a Partner at Y Combinator. He is also an angel investor. Alstromer also serves as an Advisor & Angel Investor at Tictail. Alstromer was formerly product leader of Airbnb's growth team. Alstromer served as Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Heysan.

Ted Persson
Investing in BioTech • FinTech (& Financials...
 Stockholm, Sweden
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • EQT Ventures: (mid stage)
  • 3D Hubs: (mid stage)
  • Scrive: (mid stage)
  • The North Alliance: (early stage)
  • Our/Vodka:
  • Lociloci: (early stage)
  • Cloudo AB:
  • Great Works: (early stage)
  • Abel & Baker:
  • Speedway Digital Army:
  • Hubs: $20000000 (Series C)
  • Hubs: $7000000 (Series B)
  • 1X: $100000000 (Series B)
  • Generative Engineering: $4000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Nothing: $96000000 (Series C)
  • Nothing: $70000000 (Series B)
  • evroc: $14000000 (Seed)
  • The Exploration Company: $45000000 (Series A)
  • Einride: $200000000 (Series C)
  • Einride: $110000000 (Series B)
  • Einride: $10000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Einride: $25000000 (Series A)
  • Kive: $7000000 (Seed)
  • Kive: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Varjo: $40000000 (Series D)
  • Varjo: $54000000 (Series C)
  • Varjo: $31000000 (Series B)
  • Varjo: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Juni: $100000000 (Series B)
  • Juni: $52000000 (Series A)
  • Superlist: $11000000 (Seed)
  • Frontify: $50000000 (Series C)
  • Frontify: $22000000 (Series B)
  • Heart Aerospace: $35000000 (Series A)
  • Single.Earth: $8000000 (Seed)
  • Insempra: $15000000 (Seed)
  • Sana: $18000000 (Series A)
  • VECTARY: $7000000 (Seed)
  • SeeQC: $22000000 (Series A)
  • Baffin Bay Networks: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Silexica: $18000000 (Series B)

Ted Persson

Stockholm, Sweden

Investing In

BioTech • FinTech (& Financials services) • Sales (& Marketing) • Cloud Services (& Infrastructure) • Aerospace (& Defense) • Mobility


Partner at EQT Ventures

Partner at EQT Ventures

Jessica Schultz
Investing in Businesses Solutions • Future O...
 Chicago - Illinois, U.S.A. - Sweden - U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Flink: $52000000 (Seed Round)
  • fuboTV: $55000000 (Later stage VC)
  • FreightHub: $20000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Lumexis: $15000000 (Later stage VC)
  • HappyOrNot: $14500000 (Early stage VC)
  • Personio: $12000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Labster: $10000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Kahoot!: $10000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Microfabrica: $8000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Bunch (video chat): $8000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Akimbo: $4000000 (Later stage VC)
  • CopperKey: $2200000 (Later stage VC)
  • BiggerBoat: $2000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Neverthink: $1400000 (Seed Round)
  • NeuroVigil: (Later stage VC)
  • Keeps: (Other)
  • Einride: $200000000 (Series C)
  • Einride: $110000000 (Series B)
  • Dalma.: $16000000 (Series A)
  • Flink Food: $750000000 (Series B)
  • Flink Food: $52000000 (Seed)
  • Matsmart: $27000000 (Series C)
  • Matsmart: $18000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Matsmart: $3000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Matsmart: $8000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Matsmart: $4000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Matsmart: $4000000 (Series Unknown)
  • NA-KD.com: $23000000 (Series B)
  • NA-KD.com: $45000000 (Series B)
  • NA-KD.com: $15000000 (Seed)
  • Red Points: $38000000 (Series C)
  • Red Points: $12000000 (Series B)
  • Red Points: $14000000 (Series B)
  • Lesara: $40000000 (Series C)
  • Lesara: $17000000 (Series B)
  • Lemoncat: $7000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Outfittery: $22000000 (Series E)
  • Outfittery: $20000000 (Series C)

Jessica Schultz

Chicago - Illinois, U.S.A. - Sweden - U.K.

Investing In

Businesses Solutions • Future Of Work


Venture Partner at Forum Ventures · Contract

Hampus Jakobsson
Investing in CleanTech • Developer tools &bu...
 Stockholm - Malmo, U.S.A.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Engaging Care: $800000
  • HIVED: $1700000 (Seed Round)
  • VEAT: $500000 (Pre Seed Round)
  • Volta Greentech: (Seed Round)
  • Volta Greentech: $310000 (Seed Round)
  • ClimateView: $2300000 (Seed Round)
  • mojo: $1700000 (Seed Round)
  • LifeX: $7500000 (Seed Round)
  • Digitail: $220000 (Pre Seed Round)
  • Neurolabs: $100000 (Angel Round)
  • Pale Blue Dot:
  • Aula: (early stage)
  • BlueYard Capital:
  • Minut: (mid stage)
  • Nordic Makers – Backing Ambitious Entrepreneurs: (early stage)
  • Malmö Startups: (early stage)
  • Brisk: (early stage)
  • AutoUncle: (early stage)
  • Nordic River AB:
  • Planeto AB: (early stage)
  • Illusion Labs AB: (early stage)
  • Q-Dog AB:
  • TAT AB: (early stage)

Hampus Jakobsson

Stockholm - Malmo, U.S.A.

Investing In

CleanTech • Developer tools • Woman Focused


General Partner at Pale Blue Dot

Hampus Jakobsson serves as a Venture Partner at BlueYard Capital. Jakobsson was a Co-Founder and served as Board member & Vice President at The Astonishing Tribe. He serves as Advisor at Wave Ventures. He also serves as Board Member at Aula. Jakobsson is a Co-Founding Partner and serves as Partner at Nordic Makers. He is also the Founder of Malmo Startups. Earlier he served as the Chief Executive Officer and was a Co-Founder of Brisk.io. He is also a Board Member at Planeto. Prior to founding Dexplora, Hampus co-founded and led business development for TAT The Astonishing Tribe, which was acquired by Blackberry in 2010 for $150m. Hampus has a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Lund University.

Jim Davidson
Investing in PropTech • AgroTech • Clea...
 Denver - Colorado, U.S.A. - Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland, Monaco
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Burke Agro de Nicaragua:
  • MCE Social Capital: (late stage)
  • Dev Equity:
  • CauseLabs: (late stage)
  • Impact Hub Boulder: (early stage)
  • MedClimate:
  • PeakChange: (early stage)
  • Laborfair:
  • Liquidity Capital: $1000000 (Seed)

Jim Davidson

Denver - Colorado, U.S.A. - Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland, Monaco

Investing In

PropTech • AgroTech • CleanTech • Impact • Real Estate (& Construction)


President PeakChange

Social Venture Investor, Tech Executive & Leadership Mentor

Linus Dahg
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Stockholm, Sweden
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Detectify: $23250000 (Later stage VC)
  • KNL Networks (Kyynel Ltd): $10000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Detectify: $9500000 (Later stage VC)
  • Freespee: $9250000 (Later stage VC)
  • Blueprint Genetics: $6000000 (Later stage VC)
  • Now Interact: $5000000 (Early stage VC)
  • UpCloud: $4000000 (Early stage VC)
  • Vizor.io: $2300000 (Seed Round)
  • Noona Healthcare: $1500000 (Seed Round)
  • Stealth Black: $1320000 (Seed Round)
  • Nordigen: $800000 (Seed Round)
  • Comptek Solutions: $450000 (Seed Round)
  • Founder Institute: (late stage)
  • Wolt: (mid stage)
  • Nosto: (mid stage)
  • Seedcamp: (late stage)
  • Techstars: (late stage)
  • Almi Invest:
  • TF Strategies:
  • Stravito: $15000000 (Series A)
  • Stravito: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Stravito: (Seed)
  • Insurello: $17000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Insurello: $8000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Omocom: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Omocom: $1000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Leetify: $970000 (Seed)
  • Platypus: $3000000 (Seed)

Linus Dahg

Stockholm, Sweden

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Businesses Solutions • FinTech (& Financials services) • Gaming (& eSports) • Insurance (& InsurTech)


Partner at Inventure

Partner at Inventure

Rodrigo Sepulveda
Investing in Advertising • Productivity
 San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A. - France - Luxembourg - Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg,
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Culture Secrets: (Seed Round)
  • Demenager Facile: (Seed Round)
  • Holberton School: $2000000 (Seed Round)
  • RecargaPay: (Convertible Note)
  • Dott: $100000000 (Series B)
  • Dott: $34000000 (Series A)
  • Wizata: $3000000 (Series A)
  • Wizata: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Nannybag: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Nannybag: (Convertible Note)
  • Wefarm: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Smartrenting: (Series A)
  • Spire Global: $40000000 (Series D)
  • Spire Global: $70000000 (Series C)
  • Service: (Convertible Note)
  • Verse: $5000000 (Series Unknown)
  • OpenExo: (Convertible Note)
  • Pliops: $30000000 (Series B)
  • Salonkee: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Passbolt: $530000 (Seed)
  • Glose: $3000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Catalyte: $27000000 (Series A)
  • Tribe: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Tribe: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Tribe: $500000 (Seed)
  • Nektria: $2000000 (Series A)
  • itravel: $2000000 (Series A)
  • Attach: (Seed)
  • Boostable: (Seed)
  • Allmyapps: (Series A)
  • Manifest: (Seed)
  • Getaround: $3000000 (Seed)
  • amiando: (Seed)
  • Wavestorm: (Seed)

Rodrigo Sepulveda

San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A. - France - Luxembourg - Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg,

Investing In

Advertising • Productivity


Most Interested In

Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, SpaceTech, DeepTech, AI, ML

Not Interested In

FinTech, AdTech, Ecommerce, CleanTech, BioTech

CEO at @sepulveda-capital. Managing Parter Expon Capital. Serial entrepreneur (5 founded, 3 sold). Invested in North America (CA, NY, FL), Europe (FR, DE, CH).

Friedrich A. Neuman
Investing in FinTech (& Financials services) &bul...
 Berlin, Germany - Sweden
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Bunch.ai:
  • Stegimondo:
  • Buddy Ventures:
  • Hummingbird Trading: (early stage)
  • Perdoo: (early stage)
  • BidderPlace: (early stage)
  • IconPeak by OLAmobile: (early stage)
  • MAKERS.do: (early stage)
  • Rocket Internet SE: (mid stage)
  • Run a Shop GmbH: (early stage)
  • Vida Ventures GmbH: (early stage)
  • Mesami Music GmbH:
  • ecoLocked: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Planted Green: $1000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Cling Systems: $2000000 (Seed)
  • elvah: $4000000 (Angel)
  • CleanHub: $5000000 (Seed)
  • nilo.health: $1000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Bunch AI: $1000000 (Seed)

Friedrich A. Neuman

Berlin, Germany - Sweden

Investing In

FinTech (& Financials services) • CleanTech • HealthTech (& Fitness) • Medical Devices (& Hospital Services) • Mobile Apps • Healthcare (& Wellness)


Entrepreneur & Impact Investor

Venture Partner at Norrsek VC

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