The United kingdom Startup Ecosystem


The United Kingdom has a thriving startup ecosystem, particularly centered in London, which is a major global tech hub. As of 2023, the UK is home to approximately 30,000 startups. The UK government supports innovation through initiatives like the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), which provide tax incentives for investors. In 2022, UK startups raised over £30 billion in venture capital.

Size of the Market

The UK startup ecosystem is substantial, with around 30,000 startups as of 2023. In 2022, UK startups raised over £30 billion in venture capital, indicating strong investor confidence and a robust market for entrepreneurial ventures. This financial support is critical for the growth and sustainability of new businesses.

Key Strengths

Key strengths of the UK market include a strong financial sector, world-class universities, and a diverse talent pool. The UK is known for its strengths in fintech, healthtech, and creative industries. London is a hotspot for fintech innovation, housing numerous unicorns such as Revolut and TransferWise.

Major Hubs

London remains the central hub for startups in the UK, particularly excelling in fintech and creative industries. The city is home to numerous high-growth startups and unicorns. Its position as a global financial center attracts significant venture capital and talent.

Emerging Hubs

Other cities like Manchester, Edinburgh, and Cambridge are making significant contributions to the startup landscape. Manchester is known for its tech and media industries, Edinburgh excels in fintech and AI, while Cambridge is renowned for life sciences and advanced manufacturing.

Support Systems

The UK startup ecosystem benefits from a robust support network of accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces. Programs like Tech Nation and Innovate UK have been pivotal in fostering a supportive environment for startups, providing access to resources, mentorship, and funding.


Challenges for UK startups include uncertainties related to Brexit, which have impacted investor confidence and regulatory frameworks. The changing economic landscape requires startups to navigate new trade agreements and regulatory environments, which can be complex and uncertain.

Opportunities and Future Outlook

Despite challenges, the UK remains a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, with significant growth potential. The UK's strategic location and strong ties with international markets provide startups with opportunities for global expansion. Additionally, the emphasis on sustainability and green technology is driving innovation in sectors such as clean energy and sustainable transportation.

Resilience and Adaptability

The UK startup ecosystem is characterized by its resilience and adaptability. Programs like Tech Nation and Innovate UK support continuous development. The emphasis on sustainability and innovation positions the UK as a key player in the global startup ecosystem. As the UK continues to adapt to post-Brexit realities, its startup ecosystem is poised for further growth and development.

How to connect with Angel Investors in the United kingdom?


The United Kingdom boasts a vibrant startup ecosystem supported by top angel investors and leading venture capital (VC) firms. These investors are pivotal in providing the necessary funding, guidance, and mentorship to burgeoning startups. This article delves into the top angel investors, leading VC firms, their investment size and scope, number of investments, future outlook, and the support and mentorship they offer.

Top Angel Investors

Notable angel investors in the UK include Simon Murdoch, Sherry Coutu, and Brent Hoberman. Simon Murdoch, a serial entrepreneur, has invested in over 50 startups, including Zoopla and LoveFilm. Sherry Coutu, a technology entrepreneur and investor, has a portfolio that includes companies like LinkedIn and Zoopla. Brent Hoberman, co-founder of, has invested in numerous tech startups through his investment firm Founders Factory. These investors typically invest between £25,000 and £500,000 in early-stage companies.

Leading Venture Capital Firms

Leading VC firms in the UK include Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, and Accel. Index Ventures has invested in companies like Deliveroo, Revolut, and TransferWise. Balderton Capital's portfolio includes Betfair, MySQL, and Citymapper. Accel, known for its global presence, has backed companies such as Facebook, Slack, and Spotify. These firms generally invest in high-growth sectors such as fintech, AI, and biotechnology, with investment sizes ranging from £2 million to £50 million.

Investment Size and Scope

Angel investors in the UK typically invest between £25,000 and £500,000 per startup, focusing on early-stage companies. VC firms, on the other hand, make larger investments, often ranging from £2 million to £50 million. For instance, Index Ventures and Accel are known for their significant investments in later-stage funding rounds, reflecting their confidence in the scalability and growth potential of these startups. This substantial financial backing is crucial for startups aiming to scale rapidly and compete globally.

Number of Investments

In recent years, top VC firms like Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, and Accel have been highly active, each participating in over 50 funding rounds annually. Angel investors such as Simon Murdoch and Sherry Coutu typically make between 10 to 20 investments per year. This high volume of investments indicates a healthy appetite for supporting innovative ventures across various sectors. It also underscores the dynamic nature of the UK's startup ecosystem.

Future Outlook

The future outlook for angel and VC investments in the UK is optimistic. Despite economic uncertainties, the demand for innovative solutions in fintech, AI, and sustainability sectors remains strong. The rise of remote work and digital transformation trends continue to create new opportunities for startups. Additionally, the UK government's support through tax incentives and funding programs is expected to sustain investor confidence and drive further growth in the startup ecosystem.

Support and Mentorship

Beyond financial investment, angel investors and VC firms offer critical support and mentorship to startups. They provide strategic guidance, industry insights, and access to a broad network of contacts. Programs like Tech Nation and Innovate UK have been instrumental in fostering a supportive environment, offering resources, mentorship, and funding to early-stage startups. This comprehensive support system is vital for navigating challenges and achieving sustainable growth.


The UK’s startup ecosystem thrives on the active involvement of top angel investors and leading VC firms. Their substantial investments, high number of deals, and positive future outlook continue to drive innovation and economic growth. The combined financial support and mentorship from these investors ensure that promising startups have the resources they need to scale and succeed in a competitive market.

Angel Investment trends in the United kingdom

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We found 367 VC firms in the United kingdom investing in Online Social on Angels Partners

Nadeem Shaikh
Investing in Businesses Solutions • CleanTec...
 London, U.S.A. - U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • The Future Farm: (early stage)
  • Access Afya: (mid stage)
  • Bento for Business: (early stage)
  • JUMO.WORLD: (early stage)
  • PayPerks: (mid stage)
  • Anthemis Group: (early stage)
  • American Management Systems:
  • Currencycloud: $24000000 (Series D)
  • Currencycloud: $18000000 (Series C)
  • Currencycloud: $10000000 (Series B)
  • Currencycloud: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Moven: $12000000 (Series B)
  • Moven: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Moven: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Zyfin: (Series A)

Nadeem Shaikh

London, U.S.A. - U.K.

Investing In

Businesses Solutions • CleanTech • Medical Devices (& Hospital Services) • Healthcare (& Wellness) • Online Social


Founder, Innovator, Business Leader.

Founder, Innovator, Business Leader.

Keith Teare
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Palo Alto , London , ..., U.S.A. - U.K. - Germany
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Giftcoin: (Pre Seed)
  • Wefarm: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Wefarm: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Wefarm: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Infarm: $420000 (Pre Seed)
  • InFarm: $400000 (Seed)
  • Downtown: $500000 (Seed)
  • Downtown: $40000 (Pre Seed)
  • ContextPlane: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Inc: $390000 (Seed)
  • xTV Networks: (Angel)
  • Retrace: $100000 (Pre Seed)
  • Sunshine: $240000 (Pre Seed)
  • $100000 (Pre Seed)
  • Incident Technologies: $750000 (Seed)
  • Blurtt: (Seed)
  • Quixey: $400000 (Seed)
  • Quixey: $50000 (Seed)
  • Broomstick Productions: (Seed)
  • Inc: $50000 (Pre Seed)

Keith Teare

Palo Alto - London - California, U.S.A. - U.K. - Germany

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Media • FinTech (& Financials services) • Retail (& E-Commerce) • A.I. (& Big Data) • Blockchain (& Cryptos) • Cloud Services (& Infrastructure) • Future Of Work • Online Social • Woman Focused


Most Interested In

Transformational Software based ideas But the truth is - looking to be surprised

Not Interested In

non-digital things

Damian Manning
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 New York, U.S.A. - U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Laylo: $3000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Co–Star: $750000 (Pre Seed)
  • Signal360 (formerly Sonic Notify): $4000000 (Series A)

Damian Manning

New York, U.S.A. - U.K.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Media • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Entertainment (& Sports) • A.I. (& Big Data) • Gaming (& eSports) • Analytics • Developer tools • Local commerce • Online Social


Founder & Chief Executive Officer at HIFI

Hacker, investor & serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO, @hifi. Venture Partner, @dev. Co-founder & CEO, @echospin (acquired '10). VP, Digital, MTV. 16 patents.

Patrick Montague
Investing in Media • Businesses Solutions &b...
 Washington , Toronto ..., U.S.A. - Canada - U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Hugging Face: $4000000 (Seed Round)
  • Streem Inc: $1700000 (Seed Round)
  • Camera IQ: $2300000 (Seed Round)
  • Shine: $2500000 (Seed Round)
  • Statsbot: $1600000 (Seed Round)

Patrick Montague

Washington - Toronto (Ontario) - San Francisco Bay Area - Boston - New York, U.S.A. - Canada - U.K.

Investing In

Media • Businesses Solutions • Entertainment (& Sports) • Blockchain (& Cryptos) • Gaming (& eSports) • Analytics • Developer tools • Messaging • Nanotechnology • Online Social


Most Interested In

voice, augmented reality, computer vision, communications, messaging, (anti) computational propaganda, esports as media, participatory audiences

Not Interested In

ecommerce, DTC vertically integrated brands

Benjamin Ling
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 San Francisco Bay Are..., U.S.A. - U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Rxdefine:
  • Sprout Therapy:
  • Bling Capital:
  • Tempo: (early stage)
  • Canary ( (early stage)
  • HoneyBook: (early stage)
  • Khosla Ventures: (late stage)
  • RemindHQ: (early stage)
  • Udemy: (early stage)
  • Angel Investor and Advisor:
  • YouTube: (mid stage)
  • Google:
  • 3D Hubs: (mid stage)
  • Preply: (mid stage)
  • Tonsser: (early stage)
  • 8fit: (early stage)
  • CROWDY HOUSE: (early stage)
  • Deskbookers: (early stage)
  • Festicket: (early stage)
  • (early stage)
  • Optiversal: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Coverdash: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Odyssey: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Somewear Labs: $14000000 (Series A)
  • Somewear Labs: (Seed)
  • Matchly: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Taelor: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Hedge: $4000000 (Seed)
  • inFeedo: $12000000 (Series A)
  • inFeedo: $3000000 (Series Unknown)
  • KODIF: $3000000 (Seed)
  • GoodTrust: $5000000 (Seed)
  • GoodTrust: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Honeycomb: $4000000 (Seed)
  • NuBrakes: $9000000 (Series A)
  • Beaubble: (Pre Seed)
  • Dutch: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Merlin Labs: $25000000 (Series A)
  • Merlin Labs: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Capitalize: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Capitalize: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Doorbell Health: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Caption Health: $53000000 (Series B)
  • Caption Health: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Caption Health: $2000000 (Seed)
  • MonkeyLearn: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Proper: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Vise: $15000000 (Series A)
  • Vise: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Capchase: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Punch List: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Punch List: $2000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Printify: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Pymetrics: $40000000 (Series B)
  • Pymetrics: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Pymetrics: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Pymetrics: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Mighty Buildings: $10000000 (Seed)
  • Lumiata: (Series A)
  • Plum: $9000000 (Series A)
  • Plum: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Rippling: $7000000 (Seed)
  • ScoreBeyond: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Canary: $30000000 (Series B)
  • Canary: $10000000 (Series A)
  • Tapingo: $22000000 (Series C)
  • Tapingo: $11000000 (Series B)
  • Airtable: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Quantopian: $15000000 (Series B)
  • Quantopian: $7000000 (Series A)
  • Delighted: (Seed)
  • Kinnek: $10000000 (Series A)
  • Theatro: $9000000 (Series A)
  • Plastiq: $10000000 (Series B)
  • ShopTap Industries: $10000000 (Series B)
  • Wattpad: $46000000 (Series C)
  • Pay By Group: (Seed)
  • Colingo: $2000000 (Seed)
  • GAIN Fitness: $2000000 (Angel)
  • GAIN Fitness: $650000 (Seed)
  • Keepy: $1000000 (Seed)
  • $11000000 (Series B)
  • BoxC: $130000 (Seed)
  • ThirdLove: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Zenefits: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Vamo: $2000000 (Seed)
  • CrowdMed: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Boatbound: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Uncovet: $1000000 (Seed)
  • LearnSprout: $500000 (Seed)
  • RedCap: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Chewse: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Namo Media: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Lyft: $15000000 (Series B)
  • 15Five: $1000000 (Seed)
  • CompStak: $570000 (Seed)
  • Periscope Data: (Seed)
  • Tubular Labs: $3000000 (Series A)
  • Tubular Labs: $650000 (Seed)
  • Oyster: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Lovely: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Bottlenose: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Breakthrough Behavioral: $900000 (Angel)
  • Influactive: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Artillery: $3000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Space Monkey: $2000000 (Seed)
  • VTS: $700000 (Seed)
  • Citus Data: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Indiegogo: $15000000 (Series A)
  • Fitocracy: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Quora: $50000000 (Series B)
  • Pindrop: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Artify It: $800000 (Angel)
  • DogVacay: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Well: $1000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Quartzy: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Lever: (Seed)
  • ChickRx: $20000 (Seed)
  • Remind: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Incident Technologies: $750000 (Seed)
  • Beautylish: $1000000 (Angel)
  • aDealio: $1000000 (Series Unknown)
  • aDealio: $500000 (Angel)
  • Wholeshare: (Seed)
  • Fab: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Clothes Horse: (Seed)
  • Lucid Software: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Gobble: $1000000 (Seed)
  • 500Friends: (Seed)
  • Chirply: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Everlane: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Sosh: $1000000 (Seed)
  • DramaFever: $1000000 (Series Unknown)
  • HelloFax: (Seed)
  • Striiv: (Seed)
  • ReadyForZero: $260000 (Seed)
  • Formative Labs: (Angel)
  • PagerDuty: $2000000 (Seed)
  • BranchOut: $6000000 (Series A)

Benjamin Ling

San Francisco Bay Area - Miami Beach - Florida, U.S.A. - U.K.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Media • Education • Retail (& E-Commerce) • A.I. (& Big Data) • Messaging • Online Social


Founding General Partner at Bling Capital

Dr. Benjamin Ling serves as Investment Partner at Khosla Ventures. He focuses on consumer, Internet, mobile, marketplace, SaaS and consumer health businesses. Since joining the firm, he's led investments in, Canary, HackerRank and Tapingo, among many others. Previously, Ben served in senior operating roles at Google, YouTube and Facebook. He also is an active angel investor with early stakes in Square, Palantir, Quora and PracticeFusion. Further, Ben served as an advisor to both Pinterest and Pulse. While at Google, he served as senior director of search and local business products, which included overseeing Google Images, Videos, Books, News and Finance. At YouTube, Ben was senior director of partnerships and platform, where he was responsible for music, movies, sports and news, as well as mobile, television and API partnerships. In his first role at Google, he was the founder and general manager of Google's commerce group, which includes Google Wallet and Google Shopping. At Facebook, Ben was the first director of the Facebook platform and oversaw the development of the company's developer ecosystem. He also led product, marketing, developer operations and partner solutions. Ben played a crucial role in developing Facebook Connect, which helped grow Facebook across the web. Ben holds a bachelor's of science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds a master's degree and doctor of philosophy degree in computer science from Stanford University. Ben is a Department of Defense fellow and a recipient of the University of California, Berkeley's Bechtel achievement award, which distinguishes the top graduating student from its college of engineering. Former Badoo COO and ex-Googler Ben Ling has joined Khosla Ventures, according to sources. Ling, who has held senior operations roles for a number of big companies in the mobile and Internet space, has been added to a growing team at Vinod Khosla's venture firm.

Orson Stadler
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 London, U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Mustard Seed Impact: (mid stage)
  • Kitch: $1000000 (Pre Seed)
  • Omocom: $4000000 (Seed)
  • Platypus: $3000000 (Seed)

Orson Stadler

London, U.K.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Education • FinTech (& Financials services) • Retail (& E-Commerce) • HealthTech (& Fitness) • Impact • Online Social


Senior Principal at Mustard Seed MAZE

Most Interested In

Technology that is helping to validate content and people on the internet as 'real' and 'true'

Not Interested In

I do not look at biotech, cleantech, real estate or other infrastrucutre projects.

Rich Miner
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Cambridge , Boston , ..., U.S.A.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Data Tamer: (early stage)
  • Google Ventures:
  • SCVNGR: (early stage)
  • Android:
  • Wildfire Communications Inc.:
  • United By Blue: (late stage)
  • Drakontas LLC:
  • Brideside: (early stage)
  • DreamIt Ventures: (mid stage)
  • Frond: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Ollie: $4000000 (Seed)
  • T2: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Gigasheet: $7000000 (Series A)
  • Dialpad: $170000000 (Series F)
  • Dialpad: $100000000 (Series E)
  • Dialpad: $35000000 (Series C)
  • Dialpad: $15000000 (Series B)
  • Dialpad: $3000000 (Series A)
  • Omnic Data, Inc.: $710000 (Pre Seed)
  • Pearpop: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Plexxi: (Series Unknown)
  • Tamr: $25000000 (Series B)
  • Tamr: $16000000 (Series A)
  • Rocana: $15000000 (Series B)
  • Rocana: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Recorded Future: $12000000 (Series D)
  • Recorded Future: $12000000 (Series C)
  • Recorded Future: $7000000 (Series B)
  • Recorded Future: $2000000 (Series A)
  • Yieldmo: $10000000 (Series C)
  • Yieldmo: $8000000 (Series B)
  • VigLink: $18000000 (Series C)
  • VigLink: $5000000 (Series B)
  • VigLink: $1000000 (Series A)
  • VigLink: $800000 (Seed)
  • Status: $750000 (Seed)
  • Nextbit Systems: $18000000 (Series A)
  • Apteligent: $12000000 (Series B)
  • Apteligent: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Apteligent: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Desmos: (Series Unknown)
  • LevelUp: $12000000 (Series D)
  • LevelUp: $15000000 (Series C)
  • LevelUp: $4000000 (Series B)
  • Wander: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Trada: $9000000 (Series D)
  • Trada: $6000000 (Series C)
  • EnglishCentral: $7000000 (Private Equity)
  • EnglishCentral: $1000000 (Seed)
  • oneforty: $2000000 (Series A)

Rich Miner

Cambridge - Boston - Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Businesses Solutions • IoT (& Wearables) • Online Social • Consumer


Android Founder

Android Founder

Kirill Tasilov
Investing in Businesses Solutions • FinTech ...
 London, U.K. - Israel
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Daydaycook: $20000000 (Later stage VC)
  • ClauseMatch: $5000000 (Series A)
  • eporta: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Second Home: $11000000 (Series A)
  • Narrativ: $3000000 (Seed Round)
  • Pirate Studios: $20000000 (Seed)
  • omni:us: $20000000 (Series A)
  • Oh My Green: $20000000 (Seed)
  • Edge Intelligence: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Luminance: (Series A)
  • Darktrace: $18000000 (Series A)
  • Laced: $12000000 (Series A)
  • Seqera: $22000000 (Series A)
  • Seqera: $6000000 (Seed)
  • PortalOne: $60000000 (Series A)
  • PortalOne: $15000000 (Seed)
  • Sophya: $15000000 (Seed)
  • Fan Controlled Football: $12000000 (Seed)
  • Zyper: $7000000 (Series A)

Kirill Tasilov

London, U.K. - Israel

Investing In

Businesses Solutions • FinTech (& Financials services) • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Cosmetics (& Fashion) • A.I. (& Big Data) • HealthTech (& Fitness) • Cloud Services (& Infrastructure) • Food & Beverage • Healthcare (& Wellness) • Online Social • Consumer


Most Interested In

B2B SaaS, B2C social content driven commerce

Most Interested In

Consumer Internet, Gaming Infrastructure, SMBs SaaS

Carles Ferrer Roqueta
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 London, U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Nauta Capital: (mid stage)
  • Spotted Zebra: $9000000 (Series A)
  • Treblle: $7000000 (Series A)
  • Treblle: $1000000 (Seed)
  • Gophr: $6000000 (Series A)
  • BlackCurve: $1000000 (Seed)
  • BlackCurve: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Zephr: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Zephr: $3000000 (Seed)
  • AppFollow: $5000000 (Series A)
  • HappySignals: $6000000 (Series A)
  • NumberEight: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Techspert: $5000000 (Series A)
  • MishiPay: $4000000 (Series A)
  • MishiPay: $2000000 (Seed)
  • ChannelSight: $10000000 (Series B)
  • ChannelSight: $4000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Mercaux: $5000000 (Series A)
  • Smarp: $5000000 (Series A)
  • BeMyEye: $11000000 (Series C)
  • BeMyEye: $7000000 (Series B)
  • Cloud.IQ: $5000000 (Series B)
  • Cloud.IQ: $5000000 (Series A)
  • Scytl: $13000000 (Series D)
  • Scytl: $9000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Brandwatch: $33000000 (Series C)
  • Brandwatch: $22000000 (Series B)
  • Brandwatch: $6000000 (Series Unknown)
  • BaseKit: $7000000 (Series Unknown)
  • BaseKit: $7000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Abiquo Group: $5000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Abiquo Group: $3000000 (Series Unknown)
  • Abiquo Group: $10000000 (Series B)
  • Abiquo Group: $2000000 (Series A)
  • iJento: $8000000 (Series Unknown)
  • iJento: $8000000 (Series Unknown)
  • iJento: $7000000 (Series Unknown)
  • CloudWork: $1000000 (Seed)
  • GetApp: $1000000 (Series Unknown)
  • AGNITiO: $7000000 (Series B)
  • AGNITiO: $4000000 (Series Unknown)

Carles Ferrer Roqueta

London, U.K.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Businesses Solutions • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Sales (& Marketing) • Web Security (& Privacy) • Online Social


General Partner at Nauta Capital

General Partner at Nauta Capital

Massimiliano Squillace
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 United Kingdom; Milan..., Italy
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Digital Capital Factory:
  • TwoCycles: (early stage)
  • Nano Publishing Limited:
  • OLX Group: (early stage)
  • Nextone Media Italia:
  • Nextone Media Limited: (mid stage)
  • Hosting 3000:
  • Decibel Records:

Massimiliano Squillace

United Kingdom; Milan Italy; London United Kingdom - U.K., Italy

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • IT (& TMT) • Media • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Advertising • Food & Beverage • Insurance (& InsurTech) • Online Social • Consumer


CEO and Founder @ Entire Digital >> WE'RE HIRING

Massimiliano Squillace is a Founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer at Entire Digital Publishing. Massimiliano Squillace is an Angel Investor. He Co-Founded He also served as the founder of various companies including Nextone Media, Hosting 3000, Free Street, Nano Publishing, and Activism.

Gordon Rubenstein
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A. - Global: U.S.A., Australia, Canada, Germany, U.K., Israel, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Voi: $50000000
  • Second Spectrum: $20100000
  • The Sill:
  • Immersive VR Education: (early stage)
  • FeedHenry: (early stage)
  • Rave Digital Media:
  • Pacific Partners:
  • Super Evil Megacorp: (early stage)
  • Within (Virtual Reality): (early stage)
  • The Raine Group: (mid stage)
  • Accel Entertainment: (early stage)
  • Astro Gaming, Inc.: (early stage)
  • Rock The Bells: $15000000 (Series B)
  • Rock The Bells: $8000000 (Series A)
  • Jackpocket: $120000000 (Series D)
  • Jackpocket: $50000000 (Series C)
  • talkshoplive: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Yieldstreet: $100000000 (Series C)
  • Yieldstreet: $62000000 (Series B)
  • Yieldstreet: $13000000 (Series A)
  • Whip Media: $50000000 (Series D)
  • Whip Media: $40000000 (Series C)
  • Whip Media: $20000000 (Series B)
  • Whip Media: $5000000 (Series A)
  • Mitosis Games: (Series Unknown)
  • Tastemade: $35000000 (Series E)
  • Tastemade: $40000000 (Series D)
  • Tastemade: $25000000 (Series C)
  • Tastemade: $10000000 (Series B)
  • Amuse: $16000000 (Series A)
  • Cheddar: $23000000 (Series D)
  • Cheddar: $19000000 (Series C)
  • The Black Tux: $30000000 (Series C)
  • The Black Tux: $25000000 (Series B)
  • The Black Tux: $10000000 (Series A)
  • The Black Tux: $3000000 (Seed)
  • Pixvana, Inc.: $14000000 (Series A)
  • Pixvana, Inc.: (Convertible Note)
  • Globality: $35000000 (Series C)
  • Globality: $27000000 (Series B)
  • Globality: $10000000 (Series A)
  • Within (VR/AR): $40000000 (Series B)
  • Within (VR/AR): $13000000 (Series A)
  • Within (VR/AR): (Seed)
  • Plexchat: $7000000 (Seed)
  • Bayes Holding: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Raze: $5000000 (Series A)
  • $2000000 (Seed)
  • Mobcrush: $20000000 (Series B)
  • Mobcrush: $11000000 (Series A)
  • Mobcrush: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Vettery: $9000000 (Series A)
  • Kite & Lightning: $3000000 (Seed)
  • BLADE: $6000000 (Series A)
  • BLADE: $6000000 (Seed)
  • Happn: $14000000 (Series B)
  • Wrap Media: $13000000 (Series B)
  • Wrap Media: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Dubsmash: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Super Evil Mega Corp: $26000000 (Series B)
  • Super Evil Mega Corp: $15000000 (Series A)
  • AltspaceVR: $10000000 (Series A)
  • AltspaceVR: $5000000 (Seed)
  • Maker Media: $5000000 (Series A)
  • Houseparty: $14000000 (Series B)
  • StarMaker Interactive: $6000000 (Series B)
  • Rising Tide Games: (Seed)
  • tuul: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Wattpad: $46000000 (Series C)
  • Layer: $2000000 (Seed)
  • Grovo: $6000000 (Series A)
  • Machinima: (Private Equity)
  • Machinima: $9000000 (Series B)
  • VivaReal: $4000000 (Series A)
  • Prism Skylabs: $2000000 (Seed)
  • ZEFR: $7000000 (Series B)

Gordon Rubenstein

San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A. - Global: U.S.A., Australia, Canada, Germany, U.K., Israel, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Media • Businesses Solutions • Online Social


Digital Platforms, Services, Brands and Lifestyle

Gordon Rubenstein serves as Managing Partner at Raine Ventures. He was a Board Member at Plexchat. He serves as the Board Observer at Amuse. Gordon is the Managing Partner of Raine Ventures where he leads Raine's venture capital group. Prior to joining Raine in 2013, Gordon founded and managed Pacific Partners, an operationally-focused venture capital partnership with backing from George Soros, Sam Zell, leading technology executives and entrepreneurs as well as partners from KKR, Silver Lake and Freeman Spogli. In addition, Gordon co-founded Astro Gaming (acquired by Skullcandy (Nasdaq: SKUL)), and Rave Digital Media (acquired by AMC Entertainment). Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of Tastemade Inc. and Prism Skylabs and was involved at the board level and / or actively involved with Machinima, ZEFR, eHarmony, VivaReal, Audience Science, BigMachines (acquired by Oracle) and Convio (listed publicly on Nasdaq, then acquired by Blackbaud (Nasdaq: BLKB)). Gordon has an A.B. from the University of Michigan.

Kelvin Au
Investing in Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) &b...
 Singapore; London Uni..., U.K.
Investor Picture
Previous Investments
  • Metail: $4230000 (Early stage VC)

Kelvin Au

Singapore; London United Kingdom - U.K., U.K.

Investing In

Software (Web Marketplace Saas..) • Hospitality (& Events) • Media • Businesses Solutions • Retail (& E-Commerce) • Advertising • Analytics • Payments • Mobile • Online Social • Consumer


Kelvin Au served as Chief Financial Officer at Metail. With a first class Computer Science degree from Imperial College and a geek at heart, he has spent the past decade immersing himself in the world of technology and venture capital, having been a proud investor in Metail since 2008. Prior to Metail, Kelvin was a venture investor at DFJ Esprit, one of Europe's largest technology VC funds focusing on the internet, software and mobile sectors. Kelvin also worked at Credit Suisse and HSBC where he provided M&A and financing advice to technology companies globally, and at IBM responsible for product development activities of their proprietary Java platform.

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