Raise funds for multiple startups at once with our new Broker account

March 8th, 2022

3 Savvy ways to Swiftly Increase your Investor Relations by Managing Startup Fundraising with the Angels Partners Broker Account

Angels Partners is a remarkable platform that executes its mission to help founders accelerate the fundraising process by connecting them with a comprehensive online database of over 70,000 vetted investors. Building upon this foundation, the innovative new Broker account is a B2B product uniquely designed for professional fundraisers and investor relations managers seeking to broaden and manage their investor network. With this tool, Angels Partners has effectively redefined the way in which a fundraising consultant can manage a portfolio of multiple startups, on this platform designed to maximize the connection between entrepreneurs and investors.

1. As fundraising manager, efficiently oversee a large portfolio of startups

With access to this premium account, a consultant can proficiently supervise several fundraisers at once.

The efficient startup management dashboard makes it simple for the manager to add or remove startups from a broker portfolio.
Once founders are added, the manager may launch customized, automated outreach campaigns to investors on behalf of each of the startups to accelerate fundraising.

Therefore, the startup profiles can be professionally managed and investors relevant to each startup contacted through a series of interactions called ‘pings’ through every channel on the platform.


Head of fundraising - managing a portfolio of startups with the Angels Partners Broker Account

The substantial number of pings within the Broker account allows for extensive professional engagement with experienced investors that can be filtered by industry, location and more.

The investor relations manager has the capacity to assign pings per startup and also to redistribute them as necessary.
After the initial investor connection has been made, the platform’s tools facilitate the continuation of the consultant’s management and growth of the investor-startup relationship.


Investor Relations Manager - assigning pings used to contact investors with automated outreach

2. Grow your investor network more rapidly than the average fundraising consultant

The brilliance of the Angels Partners platform is automated outreach with immediate access to 51,000 VC funds and 25,000 angels, family offices, fund-of-funds, PE firms and more. Therefore, it enables managers to close the fundraising rounds of their startups faster by approaching a broader scope of investors in an accelerated and convenient way.

Additionally, the skilled consultant can benefit from all of Angels Partners’ communications channels to boost the visibility of startups under their management and share success stories to a large online community.

These successes can drive new relationships for the venture capital broker, on both the startup and investor sides of the table.


Fundraising consultant- managing the startup-investor relationship within the Angels Partners platform

3. Build a close relationship with the Angels Partners team via direct contact

Contact the Angels Partners’ founder Yohann Merran directly, to converse about the specific needs of your fundraising management portfolio. The Broker account offers flexibility particular to your business objectives; buy pings at discounted rates and unlock perks as startups progress, which can be used as future rewards for founders. Build a custom package, and relationship, with a team that is driven by entrepreneur experience to help you excel at your fundraising goals.

Don’t wait to accelerate your fundraising success!

Contact Angels Partners today: https://angelspartners.com/contact


This is where Angels Partner steps in, helping investors in their search for ambitious and likely to succeed startups.

Our selection process is rigorous and the matchmaking is affinity based to ensure each meeting is qualified and of economic interest to both parties.


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