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December 6th, 2022

There are many supplies and resources you will need to create for your startups, such as financial presentations, that all-important pitch deck, or your one-pager. While not a strict requirement, a one-pager is a great asset to have in your business’ resources.

So what is a one-pager?

So what is a one-pager?

A one-pager is (like it sounds) a concise, to-the-point document that covers vital info about your startup, the business aims, and the financials. It is an excellent opportunity to offer a brilliant first impression, educate customers and investors, and clarify your brand.

It is an excellent opportunity to analyze the business yourself and ensure that you are set on the business goals, concepts, and areas for improvement.

The key to a good one-pager is that it truly is concise and clear. You should clearly know the business and what it needs to grow. Investors should be intrigued to ask more questions once they have finished reading it.

What to include in your one-pager?

What to include in your one-pager?

In addition to the visual aspects of logos and product photos, a few elements are crucial to your one-pager.

Brand Identity

You must, of course, include the company name, logo, and business tagline. Usually, these are located at the top of the page to ensure the brand image and message are clear. You may also include your company's social media information so that people can connect with the business.

Positioning Statement

Positioning Statement

Usually the second part of your one-pager, this section allows you to clearly outline the unique aspects of your business compared to other competitors in the field. This area should focus on key customers and the brand's promise and could also help you make marketing/advertising decisions in the future.

The Product

The section should be an overview of the product or service your company is offering to customers. It is vital to include the highlights of each feature of the product as well as why this product will attract consumers and how it will improve their lives. You can use various visual ways to show this information, such as graphs, charts, or bullet points.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This is a comprehensive overview of the business model, main activities, goals, and differentiation strategy. You can also provide information about the solutions to issues, your significant accomplishments, and a list of the central business metrics.

Funding Goals

This should include the approximate amount of money you are looking to raise as well as how this money will be spent. In addition, it is essential to have arguments as to why you need this money, and pay attention to the objectives you want to achieve regarding business and sales growth.

Problems and Solutions

Problems and Solutions

You should show how your product can make the customers’ lives easier. Address how your product or service will solve these problems and why your business will be the best choice. This information should be specific, clear, and relevant to the customer's needs.

Terms and Contact Information

You should include all contact details, such as a  physical address, email, phone number, and social media channels. You should also provide info about team members and their roles.

What is a startup one pager NOT

What is a startup one pager NOT

Frequently people can confuse a one-pager with other business resources.

  • It is not a spec sheet.

These are used later in the business stage to support decisions they’ve made.  This would include many of the same things as a marketing or investment one-pager in some industries.

  • It is not a data dump.

You want to leave the reader with a manageable amount of information, which can lead to reader overload. You should provide enough info to encourage them to ask more without giving it all away.

  • It is not a case study.

That’s a long-form piece of content that is separate from a one-pager. So, for example, you can mention a crucial point or snippet of a case study and then offer a link to find out more.

Making your one-pager look good

Making your one-pager look good

In addition to the necessary information, it is also essential that the one-pager is laid out nicely and looks good. It should not just look different from any other boring document.

That’s where can come in handy.

This website has over 90 document templates, including one-pagers, to help ensure your one stands out!

In Conclusion:

We hope this article shows how a one-pager can help your business grow and assists you in your journey to create your own. We have a number of other articles on our blog to help you secure funding and help your startup grow.

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