The Management Team

The Angels Partners team brings together seasoned entrepreneurs, top executives and business leaders, accumulating years of experience in raising capital and building successful ventures.

James J.K.
Founder - Investor Relations

James J.K. Martin

Founder - Investor Relations

James is an seasoned entrepreneur whose primary target is to provide resources and access to funding for entrepreneurs.

With strong connections in both the startup scene and among investors, James brings his skills, network and knowledge to his business with the goal of facilitating the way founders and investors connect with each other.

Founder - Business Analyst & Entrepreneurs Relation

Steve Andrew

Business Analyst & Entrepreneurs Relation

Steve is our in-house business analyst with years of experience in the field. Working with top financial firms, he brings his skills to help capture the best startups & founders online and place them on our platform.

Passionate about technology and innovation, Steve always like to help early stage entrepreneurs by giving them the tools to succeed in their ventures.

CTO, Product Development

Jake Jones

CTO, Product Development

Jake is the CTO of Angels Partners and oversees both the product development cycles as well as the user experience.

With a strong background in programming and machine learning, he focuses heavily on the implementation of data processing pipelines and scoring algorithms to help match the best startups with relevant investors.

Jake heads up a team of developers, UI/UX designers and system administrators.

Founder - Head of Startups, Marketing, Business Development

Yoann Berno

Founder - Head of Startups, Marketing, Business Development

Ex-silicon valley software engineer turned serial entrepreneur turned investor. Yoann invests in ambitious founders and early-stage startups with asymmetric advantages. He believes that democratizing access to capital is the best way to rapidly spread innovation and drive positive impact in the world.

Founder - Business Development & Investor Relations

Yohann Merran

Business Development & Investor Relations

With a strong background in entrepreneurship and fundraising, Yohann's goal is to create a community of active investors looking to get an edge on the market.

Immersed into the world of the Silicon Valley since his early twenties, with companies based in San Francisco, NYC & London, he has always been an active member of startup communities around the world helping founders reach their goals.

The Advisory board

Board Advisor

Dwayne Burnett

Board Advisor

Dwayne is a senior business owner with years of experience in marketing and advertising.

He brings his connections with angel investors in Europe, and always shares his deep understanding of the European startup landscape with the team and to a selected cohort of companies from our platform.

Board Advisor

Tracey Hanson

Board Advisor

With a strong experience in the world of VCs and corporate investment, Tracey always loves supporting early stage founders from the idea stage to IPO.
Tracey brings her deep knowledge of the venture and entrepreneurship world to the team with tight connections among startups from our community.

Financial Advisor & Investor

William Dyer

Financial Advisor

William is an entrepreneur, startup advisor and business angel.

He explores thematic trends in emerging & scalable technologies.

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